Saturday, 9 November 2013

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal – Why?

When our parents stress on eating breakfast – it is not without reason. A day begun with filling the stomach keeps you high on energy and also makes feel good all day long.
This is because an average person takes his dinner around 9 pm and eats breakfast around 9 in the morning. This gap of some 11 to 12 hours is a lot of time for the stomach and the body to remains without food.
Importance of Having a Rich Breakfast
Stimulates Body’s Metabolism
Going without food for long can create a semi-starvation state for the body. It results in a number of physical, neurological and behavioral problems. After a long night of sleep, starting your day with breakfast stimulates the metabolism, keeping you energetic and healthy, all day long.
Cuts down Chances of Swooning
Not eating breakfast can make you swoon even on performing the mildest of physical activity. Additionally, hungry stomach keeps yearning for food, causing loss of concentration at the workplace.
Also, with this arrives a chance of your feeding on something high on fats and calories during lunch time.
Mood Up lifter
Your mood in the morning decides how the rest of the day will pass. A healthy meal in the morning helps to regulate the blood sugar level in the body and keeps your mood cheered up all through the day. Not only will you be high on spirits, but your companions will love to hang around you as well.
 What Should A Good Breakfast Include?

Preparing a good breakfast is not a tough job. Sometimes it’s as quick & easy as mixing some cereals in a glass full of milk. A nutritious breakfast should include adequate proportion of proteins, carbohydrates and calories. Consumption of water in the morning is also considered good as it helps in hydrating the body. A boiled egg with glass of juice/milk or pack of brown bread or smoothie with your favorite jam is another option. In case, you are unwilling to compromise with your sleep and left with no time for preparing a morning meal – water soaked sprouted black grams along with a seasoned fruit and a glass full of milk is quick and easy preparation. Some diet supplements like Bystrictin can also be added that helps in providing metabolism to body by burning fat.
Shed Your Pounds with Breakfast
Those who skip breakfast intentionally in an effort to lose weight are fighting a lost battle. Skipping breakfast only adds up more fats and also connected with obesity.
Going by what medical researches state, most overweight people miss out their breakfast. Such people tend to compensate by eating more throughout the day and feast more heavily on fast foods and oily stuff. Thus, breakfast in considered to be the important start in the direction of weight loss.
So, if you have swooned breakfast many a time in the past few weeks, and still not ready to eat in the morning, reconsider your strategy. It doesn’t cost much to gulp down some bread with peanut paste in the morning. But, beware of over stuffing yourself, as excess of everything is bad!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Stim Tein: Is Really As Effective As People Say it is

One of the most popular joint pain reliever that is freely available in the market is Stim Tein. The drug is known to promote bone and cartilage formation in patients suffering from joint pains. Stim Tein helps in keeping joints healthy.
Stim Tein: One Stop Solution for All Kinds of Joint Pains
In patients suffering from autoimmune disorders that also affect joints, Stimtein is considered to be very effective as pain reliever as it helps in treating the inflammation, reduces redness and tenderness caused by joint pain.
The special lubricating formula used in the drug ensures that your tender joints receive proper oiling. Most of the joint pains usually result because lubrication with time tends to get reduced around the joint region.
How does it function?
Stimtein functions by supplying the body with all essential nutrients and bone formation tissue proteins, which the body is unable to produce as one ages. The drug has all the nutrients need to build healthy cartilages for the joints.
Most importantly, the drug is considered safe for oral use and does find a mention in ‘Arthritis Research & Therapy’ by American College of Rheumatism.
Unlike other joint pain relievers which are made up of non-protein ingredients such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin, Stim Tein carries a formulation of Morphogenetic/Bone Activating proteins (100 milligrams). These ingredients are basic building blocks of proteins. Even with its superior ingredient mix, Stim Tein is much more reasonably priced than other joint pain relievers. The drug, though completely safe, should be used only after a consultation with your physician because different people respond differently to each type of drug, no matter how safe it is.

Regular Dose
Patients suffering from acute arthritis and other kinds of joint pains are advised to intake 3 capsules of the medicine each day for few months.
Almost similar to what happens in the natural cartilage re-building cycle of the body; with its constant use, the body begins to reconstruct affected cartilages. This also results in reduction of tenderness and swelling in the affected portion of the body.
Positive Features of Stim Tein
1. Stim Tein builds new bone cartilage.
2. Contains anti-inflammatory and joint lubricating substances.
3. The product usually comes up with a two month money back guarantee scheme. In case, you are unsatisfied with the product, you can return the unused pack to claim a refund.
4. Stim Tein is even suitable for people with shellfish allergies who can’t consume drugs that contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin.
5. Backed by clinical research and prevents recurring damage.
Clinical Results
In most of the trials, conducted by different universities, about 70 percent of people who used Stim  Tein experienced varied degrees of pain relief with over 50% saying the pain had dropped to negligible levels. The studies also showed that all experienced some kind of benefit after regular use of the drug.
There is clear evidence that Morphogenetic/Bone Activating proteins help extensively in treating pain in bone joints. However, it’s surprising that these ingredients are rarely used by most of the over-the-counter (OTC) drug sale brands. But, you can easily trust this medication to be a long term solution for joint pains. Nevertheless, one needs to consult ones physician, before starting the medication to ensure that one is not allergic to any drug in the formulation.