Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Top 10 Gluten Rich Foods That Should Be Avoided

The word ‘gluten’ has been creating noise in the health circles for the past few years; the reason being the growing number complaints from people who’re allergic to gluten rich diets. To make the situation dicier for them, gluten generally doesn’t find its mention in the list of ingredients on food labels. The substance is organically present in various foods (especially wheat and flour stuff) and used as a stabilizing agent in products such as ketchup and ice cream. Therefore, it’s very difficult to rule out the possibility of its presence in different kinds of food items.
In such circumstances, a person suffering from gluten induced allergy should make it certain that he or she inquires in advance about the food composition to rule out any complications later. Here is a list of top 10 gluten rich foods that should be definitely avoided by people allergic to gluten.

10. Ice creams
Who doesn’t get excited on seeing tub full of brownies and ice creams that too from a favorite brand? But, you shouldn’t forget at any cost that brownies are rich in wheat. To top it all, rarely will you get to know the exact ingredients in the ice cream dished out to you at a party or family gathering. In case, you can’t do away with the idea of enjoying ice creams, make sure to do it at home; at least, you’ll be aware of the ingredients.

9. Some sauces
Analogous to the composition of many cream soups, there are diverse kinds of sauces that identify wheat on the list of their ingredients. For someone strictly allergic to gluten, he should avoid eating out at the restaurants and other food joints. The sauces served in restaurants are rich in wheat content (usually added to increase the quantity at a low cost).  

8. Candies
Something most are unaware of, candies contain gluten too. Surprising as it may sound, your favorite candies can also lead to allergic reactions. Gluten protein helps in binding the candy together; these proteins also make candies chewable. The other important fact one must pay heed to is that most candies list out natural flavors in their ingredient list. To put the facts straight, these natural flavors contain gluten too. Therefore, think twice the next time you have an urge to chew a candy or two at office or home.

7. Vitamins
The mention of the vitamins in the list is not out of some thoughtless slip-up but complete discretion. You should know that gluten is present in most medicines although it doesn’t find clear mention in the ingredient list of the pharmaceuticals. But, it would be unwise to completely refrain yourself from consuming these vitamins just out of fear. What you can do is to inquire about the ingredients (if you can) to find out if the medication you’re on is supplying gluten to your body.

6. Cream soups
For someone who loves cream soups, avoiding them can no doubt be a herculean task. But, prevention is better than cure, isn’t it? Yes, of course it is; cream soups are just a mixture of cream, flour, butter or milk. All of them are super rich in gluten content. Still, if you are unable to give up on your favorite cream soups, at least try to switch over to pasta-free soup. Beyond any doubt, they will provide you satiate your urge to have cream soups.

5. Potato chips
The term ‘Couch potato’ was coined for people who love spending most of their time sitting or relaxing at home, usually in front of a television set. He makes sure one of his hands is inside the bag of potato chips while he is through his favorite soap opera. However, potato chips are termed as harmful to health for the reason they are made out of wheat especially those with heavy seasoning. Always purchase the chips which are gluten free – in case you are hell bent on enjoying some crispy bites at home.

4.  Cream dressing on the Salad 
Often, you will come across cream or oil based dressing as part of buffet in parties or wedding dinners. Not only is the food item tempting on eyes but mouth watering too. You end up consuming it without getting a second thought about allergies and later, you find yourself in the hospital bed explaining to the doctor how you couldn’t resist that delicious cream or oil dressing at a party. Even if it’s small in quantity, allergies are highly likely to happen. The only way to maintain healthy living is to drop such choices at the earliest.

3. Soy Sauce
This can be heartbreaking for some but a truth it is – Chinese foods in total are rich in gluten and therefore, should be a big ‘no-no’ for someone like you who is allergic to the protein. Those who love devouring on Chinese food must know how important a role soy sauce plays in the Chinese menu but it also contains wheat and lots of it.

2. Ketchup
Is ketchup gluten free? No, it isn’t and despite knowing the fact many don’t curb their instincts to shop a new bottle every time they frequent a shopping store. The ingredients mentioned in the ketchup list by the manufacturers are tomatoes, sugar, vinegar and spices without even faintly suggesting that gluten proteins form a major part of the product. Sad but true!

1. Sausages
They are really sold like hot cakes in the market. No matter what your taste buds are like, there is every possibility you will always end up consuming gluten. How? Well, because food manufacturers provide processed meat in wheat (rich in gluten) – sausages at much cheaper costs than other items on the shelf. So, completely avoid patties, sausages and luncheon meats to remain gluten free.
The list of foods that you need to avoid is big but there are plenty of other options for you to choose from. Remember, prevention is better than the cure.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Ten allergic Foods to Avoid

An allergic reaction is not something to worry too much about. An allergy may develop as a result of food reaction, commonly known as the called oral allergy syndrome (OAS)
There are foods that cause immediate allergic reactions, mild and severe. In some cases, what is a common food for one person might be allergic for another. Let us know about ten common allergic foods to avoid.

10. Celery
Celery is a very common allergic food mostly consumed as a vegetable. It causes irritation and itching on the skin. It can also cause severe swelling around the mouth. Celery is likely to trigger the oral allergy syndrome nine out of ten times you serve it. Anaphylactic shock and nausea are other types of reaction celery can cause.

9. Sesame
Sesame accounts for more than half the total food-related allergic reactions where it is commonly found. It sets off anaphylactic shock and can be fatal once in a while. There have been cases wherein people suffering from allergic reactions caused by sesame never recovered. This is why if you notice a reaction once, you should avoid sesame for the rest of your life.  

8. Milk
No need to mention, milk (cow’s, particularly!) is the most prevalent allergic food mainly affectingyoung children worldwide. On an average, milk causes allergic reactions in children before they are one year old. When past this age, they don’t have allergic reaction to cow’s milk.
The most common allergic reactions caused by cow’s milk are asthma, Anaphylactic shock and hives. Atopic Dermatitis, a common skin condition causing rashes and itch, is another reaction caused by cow’s milk. 

7. Eggs
Once you become allergic to eggs, even the sight of them can be disturbing. You might be allergic to egg protein that very easily triggers allergic reactions. The common allergic reactions caused by eggs are atopic dermatitis, anaphylactic shock and hives. In some cases people have allergic rhinitis leading to a runny nose and headache.

6. Peanuts
They are another notorious food causing fatal allergic reactions. Young children are highly prone to them, some recover after some years and the rest fail throughout their lives. Allergic reaction caused by peanuts if ignored, often leads to atopic dermatitis, hives, anaphylactic shock and asthma. 

5. Tree Nuts
Almost all allergic reactions caused by tree nuts last forever. Never overcoming their allergy, young children are a common victim. They cause digestion-related problems including reactions like anaphylactic shock, asthma, hives and atopic dermatitis. 

4. Fish
Among fish, Salmon and Cod are the two types known for causing a number of allergic reactions. Other fish types causing allergic reactions are Tuna, Anchovies, Sardines and Mackerel. If you know you’re allergic to fish, avoid eatables like Caesar salad dressing containing anchovies. 

3. Shellfish
Any food from Shellfish family is not for you if you are allergic to them. This family includes mollusks and crustaceans like oysters, mussels, squids, lobsters and crabs. The common reactions caused by them are asthma, anaphylactic shock and hives. 

2. Wheat
Most wheat allergies develop in children at a young age. The common allergic reactions to wheat are hives, asthma, anaphylactic shock and atopic dermatitis. Wheat allergies are caused even when wheat particles are breathed in accidently.

1. Soy
Though the best substitute for milk, Soy is one of the most allergic foods ever. Allergic reactions caused by Soy are common in children. Standard allergic reactions include asthma, anaphylactic shock, hives and colitis.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

5 Herbs Known to Help in Weight Loss

Basically herbs are food items. You can cook for a distinct flavor or have them in their natural form. Weight loss assisting herbs contain vitamins and minerals, which makes them helpful for people trying to lose weight.
It should be noted that herbs aren’t medicines and they don’t really have any negative side effects, unless consumed in an inappropriate way. Therefore, just about anyone can take herbs whenever they want without worrying in anyway. 

Majorly herb can help in weight loss in the following four ways:

  1. There are herbs that act as appetite suppressants. They decrease the urge for eating by expanding in the stomach.
  2. Herbs better the bowel movement and help in complete digestion and also pose a check on the calorie    intake.
  3. Some herbs help the body get rid of the water through excessive urine.
  4. And stimulating herbs assist the body in burning more calories. 

Here is a list of 5 herbs known to assist in weight loss:

1.    Green tea:
Green tea contains antioxidants, which help in burning calories and body fat. When coupled with a disciplined exercise routine, green tea can do wonders in assisting the body lose extra fat. So, if you’re someone who follows a disciplined exercise regime but have not been able to see the results you want, then including green tea in you routine can really help. 

2.     Coconut oil
Coconut oil actually works as an appetite suppressant. Coconut oil comprises of numerous fats which do not stick to the body, this consuming coconut oil makes a person feel stuffed without the need to eat too much or all the time (too reason primarily responsible for weight gain). Use of the coconut oil shows instant results, you can measure the results only after a few days of including the herb in your diet.

3.    Aloe Vera
Amid other herbs that can really help in weight loss, Aloe Vera certainly deserves a big recognition. Aloe Vera is a household name because of its detoxifying properties. But something that people don’t really know is that Aloe Vera juice can improve digestion and cleanse the body very quick, thus not only assisting in weight loss but also in making the skin more radiant and smooth. 

4.    Red pepper
There are herbs that work as appetite suppressants and there are herbs that keep the body hydrated in order to help it lose weight. One of the herbs really significant in the latter category is the red pepper. Basically a hot spice, red pepper is known to stimulate water requirement in the body. Recognizing the fact that fluids are good for every diet, you can include red pepper in your diet because it will surely make you drink lots of water (fluids) so that you keep hydrated and lose those unwanted fats.

5.    Cinnamon
Cinnamon has been proven to work on lessening bad cholesterol levels, without affecting the good cholesterol. Cinnamon has positive effects on blood sugar and thus it helps against obesity.