Thursday, 31 October 2013

Why City Lights Radiance Cream is so effective?

When it comes to looking a shade lighter with minimum fuss, men and women
resort to various 
kinds of beauty products. While some help, some only tend to have adverse
Skin Care Cream
effects on the skin. City Lights Radiance Cream, an effective skin brightening cream based on a very natural & clinically proven formula is an exception to the rule. It’s effective, affordable and results last really long. Read on.
City Lights is basically a hydrating cream, which has been formulated to help restore a beaming and luminous complexion. 

City Lights has a high performing blend of vitamins, natural fruit extracts and antioxidants which really assist in the reduction of blemishes, sun damage and discoloration of the skin, in order to promote and maintain skin clarity.
What is City Lights radiance cream all about?

City Lights is actually a powerful and very effective skin brightening cream that has undergone various clinical tests. Its efficacy, therefore, need not be doubted. It’s based on a proven formula for brightening the skin complexion. City Lights dramatically minimizes the overall appearance of uneven skin tone, and makes the skin look younger, brighter and healthier.
City Lights Radiance Perfecting Cream

City Lights radiance cream is generally applied during the night hours. Its creamy formula battles against the nasty skin dullness. The product helps a great deal in combating skin discoloration, marks that no woman would want on her face regardless of the age. The City Lights radiance cream is an ultimate skin brightening cream that has been known to effectively reduce skin dullness in the most natural way. The uneven skin tone too is likely to be a thing of the past once you start using it regularly. The product works by reducing the appearance of melanin levels under the skin. The cream helps control melanin levels and makes the skin look healthier and flawlessly radiant and glowing.  

How City Lights works?

As discussed, City Lights hydrating cream is a fine combination of antioxidants, vitamins &
City Light Cream
some very effective natural fruit extracts. The combination brightens up the skin complexion (in all age groups) by simply reducing the levels of melanin in the skin. The main objective of the cream is to help maintain maximum skin clarity & reduce the appearance of skin damage dramatically.
The City Lights formula contains some of the most potent ingredients. These include Octadecendioic Acid, Citrus Unshiu, Alpha Arbutin and antioxidants. These ingredients combine to brighten and improve the skin radiance. The Cream is working formula which diminishes discoloration, blemishes and sun damage to the skin to make it look youthful and radiant. 
City Lights works on all skin types to fight:
  • Skin Dullness
  • Blemishes
  •  Discoloration
  •  Sunspots
  • Uneven skin tone
Effectiveness of City Lights Radiance Cream
  • City Lights is a clinically proven and naturally effective skin brightening cream that shows miraculous results. It has been proven to reduce melanin levels dramatically in weeks and not months.  
  • City Lights reduces blemishes, spots due to sun damage, discoloration of the skin by mitigating the melanin production in the skin.
  • It comprises of Alpha Arbutin that inhabits that production of melanin. It brightens the complexion and reduces the not-so-smooth skin tone.
  • The product comes with Citrus Unshiu fruit peel extract. This ingredient is known to help block the synthesis of melanin in a natural way.  
  • The combination of vitamins and antioxidants in the cream help in keeping the skin clear & prevent the reoccurrence of skin discoloration, thus helping in maintaining overall skin tone.
  • The City Lights radiance cream is a universal formula. It works effectively on all skin types including, oily skin and dry skin, normal and sensitive skin.
  • Given the clinically tested ingredients that make up the City Lights, the cream improves the skin and provides remarkable results as far as the radiance and clarity of skin is concerned in as little as 1 for night. It very ably improves skin discoloration, blemishes, dullness, and uneven skin tone.

Monday, 28 October 2013

How is Bystrictin really different from other weight loss solutions?

If you have had hard time in trying to lose weight in spite of all consistent efforts, it’s about time you get your eating habits in order and let some flesh fall off your body that’s accumulating few pounds each month.
Bystrictin utilizes Gastric Fill Technology (GFT) that helps induce a feeling of fullness in the stomach simply by expanding dietary fibers roaming inside the stomach. The hunger is curbed with Bystrictin and as a result, person feels less hungry. Thus, he/she consumes lesser calories.

What is Bystrictin?

Bystrictin is a new kind of weight loss product, a supplement known to bypass one’s appetite. In addition to bypassing the appetite, Bystrictin helps create an immediate gastric bypass effect, thereby causing people to eat 70 percent less than usual.

Chief Ingredients : 

Bystrictin contains a variety of vitamin and minerals which offer people with as much as 40% of daily dose of nutrition. However, a balanced mixture of soy & whey protein forms the main ingredient of Bystrictin. High protein and fiber stuff in the supplement allows people to feel full and thus reduce calorie intake in the diet. Fibers comprising Bystrictin include:

1.    Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a dietary fiber which is also known as Konjac root. This fiber swells up when it comes in contact with water. When consumed as shake, Glucomannan present in Bystrictin swells up to make the stomach feel full.

2.    Fibersol

A weight loss product in research for a while now, Fibersol may not be a weight loss ingredient in itself, but it does turn out effective with other components of Bystrictin.

3.    Slendesta

It’s fundamentally a potato extract. Slendesta is a protein that stimulates cholecystokinin hormones. Increase in cholecystokinin hormones helps control appetite.

Some of the Main Advantages

  • Bystrictin is a weight loss supplement clinically proven to help achieve instant gastric bypass effect, thereby compelling the body to eat less in order to lose more weight.
  • There is no surgery involved with the use of Bystrictin. It is a simple and safe weight loss supplement.
  • It’s a drinkable product. Supercharged & tasty shakes can be consumed with water.
  • The fibers in Bystrictin swell up and compel people to eat 70 percent less food than usual.
  • The stomach feels full once you drink the shake and not more than 30 percent space is left available for food in the stomach.
  • Bystrictin shake is available in 2 main flavors – Swiss chocolate & vanilla bean. The Bystrictin tastes good and every user would certainly like its taste.
  • You need not buy a shaker bottle separately. It’s provided along with the supplement.
  • When consumed as shake, Bystrictin provides only 110 calories, but overall, it does help fulfill the need for nutrients.
  • The fiber and protein content in the supplement tend to slow down the digestive processes, thus reducing binge eating.
  • The supplement comes with 30 days full money back guarantee. So, if you are dissatisfied with Bystrictin’s results you can return it anytime you like.

Bystrictin and safety

Since Bystrictin is made up of natural ingredients; there are no harmful chemical substances used in its making. It provides the body with all the necessary nutrients and helps a user burn ‘more,’ consume ‘less’ calories, both at the same time. It is healthy and safe for everyone who wishes to use it on a daily basis.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Can Stimtein really cure rheumatoid arthritis?

Our body ceases to create bone activating proteins with age. Some people report of joint discomfort due to decrease in bone activating proteins in the early age while some do not experience any pain until they enter the 40s. But the real fact is that none of us is hundred percent safe from this discomfort. The solution to this potent problem lies in stuffing the diet with bone activating protein.
You may introduce large amounts of minerals, vitamins and fish oils etc in your diet. But, unfortunately your body won’t be able to produce bone activating proteins until bone activating protein is induced into the body. This is where Stimtein – a formula with bone activating protein comes so handy.

What is Stimtein?
Stimtein formula is a joint pain reliever designed with bone activating proteins, which promote bone and cartilage formation and their activation for better and healthy joints.
Stimtein is non-drug joint pain relief supplement comprising of bone activating proteins in place of more commonly used ingredients such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Stimtein functions as finest joint pain reliever by providing the body (suffering with arthritis pain) with bone initiating tissue proteins, which body may have ceased to create by itself with age.
Stimtein’s effectiveness in curing rheumatoid arthritis is what makes the formula really effective and most sought after joint pain reliever ever made. People have understood the need of bone activating protein as ingredient in joint pain supplements, and since Stimtein provides ample nutrition and proteins to the joints for bone activation, it has become a product that everyone wants.

Reasons Stimtein cures rheumatoid arthritis
It varies from one person to another, but rheumatoid arthritis is generally caused by body’s inefficiency in producing bone activating proteins. For this, after years of rigorous research, scientists at UCLA and MIT University have developed breakthrough proteins. These groundbreaking bone activating proteins comprise the main ingredients of Stimtein. Stimtein thus promotes body’s creation of cartridge to provide relief from joint pains caused by rheumatoid arthritis, stenosis and arthritis amid others. In addition to this, Stimtein also helps reduce inflammation and swelling, which may cause pain.
Stimtein comprises of bone activating proteins and it forms the main ingredient of the supplement. The supplement functions as the best joint pain reliever; it supplies the body with bone initiating tissue proteins that body are no longer produced automatically due to growing age. Bone activating protein used in Stimtein has been developed into orally safe product. Stimtein can thus be consumed orally for effectively growing bone cartilages.
Stimtein, a clinically proven bone activating supplement, which encourages body’s ability to create bone activating protein, helps in creation of cartilages to provide body relief from a variety of pains caused by rheumatoid arthritis.
Stimtein is a cure for rheumatoid arthritis because:
  • This joint supplement is made from bone activating proteins which helps in providing nutrition and proteins to the joints and helps in kicking off a new bone cartilage
  • It is one of the finest bone activating supplements for joint pains since it has no side effects and can be used by people with any allergy or body type. 
  • It works by building sturdy cartilages for better bones.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Emotional Barriers to Weight Loss

United States is heading towards an obesity epidemic and it is a secret hidden from no one. If US National Center for Health Statistics is to be believed, one in every three Americans is obese. This is a really startling figure especially because obesity in itself may not be very dangerous but the gamut of chronic diseases it leads to such as, diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and cancer etc, make it really threatening. Exercising, eating healthy and staying emotionally fit are the best ways to lose weight and limit the problems arising due to obesity.  

If it is important to hit the gym in order to lose weight, it is equally important to be emotional well balanced to lose weight because it’s said “weight loss and emotions go hand in hand”. 

If you have tried all the possible ways to shed the extra pounds but have not been able to see any significant results, then you must give your state of mind a thought too. If you know that there is no medical or environmental problem, which is restricting you from losing weight, then you surely need to take some time out to figure the emotional barriers which might be taking a toll on your eating habits and thus your weight. Overcoming the emotional barriers is one of the keys to your weight loss success, let’s therefore read below for emotions which act as barriers to weight loss.

Failing to reach set weight loss goals
When you get to the gym or go on a supplement diet to lose weight, you set yourself a goal - a goal that you want to attain, a goal to reach a particular weight within a set time limit. Researchers have found that people who tend to reach their weight loss goals tend to keep of their weight in comparison with people who fail to reach the weight loss goal despite rigorous efforts. Meeting weight loss goals instills a feeling of improved self confidence and good health, while it acts entirely opposite on people who fail to meet their goal. Thus, people who fail to meet their goal tend to regain weight rapidly due to lack of self confidence and health. Therefore, it is important to understand that the emotion of satisfaction plays an important role in weight loss maintenance in obese people.
Stress isn’t good for your health in any way, and it isn’t at all helpful in obesity too. Some people feel good while eating - for them, overeating in stress helps them clam their emotions. Though, emotional eating doesn’t necessarily result in weight gain in many people but it can cause problem of obesity in some. Studies have shown that obese women have a very stressful experience, which restricts them from practicing healthier eating and exercising habits that leads them to obesity.
Avoiding stress may not be a proposition in our lives today, but relaxation techniques can work as great technique to managing emotions in stress. It has been clinically proven that specific relaxation techniques can help women lose weight successfully. In case obese people can see a therapist, there is nothing like it, but if you cannot work with a therapist, you can possible learn the relaxation techniques and guided imagery to curb emotions instigating you to overeat during stress, to ultimately help yourself lose weight. 

Depression is another perpetrator of weight gain. Though, the relationship between depression and weight loss may not be too exact, but depression is an emotional barrier to weight loss. Studies have at numerous occasions linked depression with obesity. It may not be a direct relation, but it is believed that some antidepressants can cause weight gain. Another factor is that depression cause lack of sleep and inactivity, which can be risk factors for obesity. So, if you have tried a few things in order to lose weight to no avail, then seeking medical assistance to be screened for depression may be a sound idea. 

Researchers have found that people who have some sort of personal trauma or childhood trauma, or have been subject to sexual or physical abuse of some kind are at a higher risk of obesity. It is believed that if an individual has experienced some sort of emotional trauma, then they could be affected with eating disorder and weight gain. If you think, there is some emotional trauma that may be restricting you from losing weight then taking time out to see a behavioral health specialist can be a good idea. The specialist can help you treat the underlying causes of emotional trauma and weight gain.

Diet restraint
Control on diet is directly related to our head, and our head is directly connected with our emotions, so more we are emotional struck the more destructive our eating habits become. Thus, on evaluating an inability to show Dietary restraint researchers found that people who were able to better show restraint on their diet were able to control their weight better and were able to keep their weight off. However, people with poor dietary restraint had some sort of negative feeling and emotions which restricted them from restricting their diet. 

It becomes really difficult to point a figure at one emotional factor which may be causing obesity and hampering the person’s ability to maintain weight. Therefore it is important to examine the barriers from person to person. However, for the factors mentioned above, there are a few that weigh really heavy on the others, these include, stress, depression and lack of dietary restraint, which are all emotionally bonded. Along with these factors, perception plays a very vital role in determining a person’s success in losing weight. So, whether it is about setting weight loss goals or attaining them, or thinking about your body shape in contrast to others, perceiving it emotionally well can help you keep weight off. 

If you are struggling to lose weight despite all your efforts, there may be one factor you may be overlooking, which may be acting as a barrier. Try and figure out the underlying cause to find out what is causing you to remain obese.