Thursday, 19 November 2015

Go Tattooed With A Perfect Numbing Cream

“The pain you feel today, is the strength you feel tomorrow”
 This might be true in the context of life, but when it comes to tattooing, it is not necessary that you need to bear the unnecessary pain. Yes, the ‘tattoo pain’- which has kept you far from getting inked. Now you can say good bye to the same pain all due to Dr. Numb!

Being the SAFEST NUMBING CREAM, it has been used worldwide for tattooing. The best part about this treatment is that it neither causes any side-effects nor it interferes with the ink.
What are you looking for, if you want a tattoo job to be done in a pain free manner, you have your solution. It is Dr. Numb!

Tattoo art- Rising Popularity!

You might have seen a number of people are getting their body inked now and then. If you think this is something unique happening these days, then you need to know that this is not a new activity. Yes, tattooing is a form of body art which hails from the past. However, few years back tattoos were common to the people like sailors, outlaws, and biker gangs. And now it is a common form, which every gender and age group loves to adore. Undoubtedly, it has become a very popular body decoration way out.

What Is A Tattoo?

Basically, a tattoo is a puncture wound caused to the skin and then filled with the ink to leave a lifelong mark.
In the past, it was done manually with help of a tool which was tapped on the skin to puncture the wound. Later the ink was injected by hand. Luckily, technological advancements have brought forth several techniques which are somewhat dissimilar to that of past. But, the concept of tattoo art remains the same.
Now a tattoo gun is used in the parlors, which include one or more needles to penetrate the skin. Similarly, the tattoos now last for a very long time. The reason being, the ink is now placed deeply into the skin. Moreover, it makes tattooing much more quickly done as the ink is delivered into the skin while the skin is being punctured.

Does It Hurt?

For every newbie, the first question before going for a tattoo- How much does getting a tattoo hurt?
The similar question has been posed time and time again. And is the professional tattooists are to be believed, the answer is – YES. It hurts when the needle is injected to your skin!
Definitely, it hurts and can take up to several hours, or in some case, even days to heal the wound. It greatly depends on the size and design of the tattoo you are getting.

"Is There A Complete And Safe Solution To Tattoo Pain?

The good thing about getting a tattoo now is that you can eliminate the ‘pain’ from the process entirely. It is possible with the safest and most efficient solution – Dr. Numb.
On application, it causes a numbing effect which lasts up for more than three hours. . When applied to the affected area, it blocks the pain signals sent by the nerve after 20-30 seconds. Being the only non-oil topical anesthetic numbing cream, it will never interfere with the ink, at the time of tattooing or even after that. It doesn’t affect the skin’s elasticity and is safe to ease the unnecessary pain.
There can be nothing simpler to this. You are now to get your body inked in your own style, that too without pain. Isn’t that all you have been looking for!
Call Dr. Numb for your queries and orders today.

4 Foods That Could Be Making Your Joints Hurt

They say that food can’t cure arthritis. But, yes, it can make the problem worse for you. The diet you take can increase the joint pain up to a great extent. Hence, it is important to learn which food items can increase your aching joints. Find out them here.

Few years back, joint pain was common among the elderly. But, now it is becoming popular among the youngsters too. The long sitting hours in the office, unhealthy diet, incomplete rest, etc. are some of the major reasons behind. Well, you cannot do much with your working hours but yes, you can alter the diet. Here it is most important to understand that there are few items which can increase your joint pain. And you need to avoid them!

Below are listed the major food stuff you need to keep a distance with, if you want to heal your joints. Have a look:

The omega-6 fatty acids: It is often said to consume diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It includes salmon and walnuts, which are really good for you. But have you heard of omega-6 fatty acids? No? Whether you know about it or not, the fact is that you have been eating way too much of them. Research has shown that omega-6 fatty acids can cause problems like cardiovascular disease, and inflammation.

It exists in corn, sunflower, safflower, soybean, cottonseed oils, and many more items. The soybean oil, which is widely used for every typical American diet cooking contain up to 25 times more omega-6 fatty acids than. And, all this mess up with your joints!

Soft Drinks: Experts believe that processed sugars leads to inflammation, and this in turn causes joint pain. Do you known the 22-oz. Coke you had last night had about 9 teaspoons of sugar? So, it can be a reason why you are in pain today!

These sugary drinks are the main source of added sugar in today’s diet. It is recommended that the adults should not consume more than 9.5 teaspoons of sugar in a day. But when you add up some beverage, you simply add about three times that amount and you never realize it. Thus, it is important for you to avoid soft drinks, donuts, candy, cookies, etc. The list of stuff also include those items with hidden sugars lurks such as processed foods, yogurt, tomato sauce, and nutritional bars. Instead of this, you can try some natural sweet treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. These are highly useful in general is fighting inflammation as it contain anthocyanins, which is a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient.

Ligneous plant: Also known as nightshade vegetables are known to increase inflammation. The veggies such as tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, sweet potatoes, paprika, bell peppers, hot peppers, etc contain an alkaloid called solanine, which is said to build up calcium deposits in the tissues. Several studies have proved that the consumption of tomatoes, eggplant and potatoes is the major reason of causing arthritic pain and stiffness. Hence, it is suggested to give up these for few months when you are going through joint pain.

Pizza: There is a birthday approaching. Let’s go for a pizza party! If you are having on this mind, it is important you know that eating foods high in saturated fats will not increase the level of cholesterol or augment the chances for heart disease and stroke, but also put you at a greater risk of arthritis inflammation. Basically, they stimulate adipose tissue inflammation and make your joint pain worse. Being the biggest sources of saturated fats, pizza and cheese can be swapped with healthier food items with lower fat amount.

Remember, diet is something you can use to reduce inflammation. Avoiding these food items will improve joint health. Isn’t that simple!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Dr Numb - The Solution For Pain During Piercing

Getting your body parts pierced is the latest style statement. But the terrific pain holds many of you back. Right? Dr Numb is a safe and effective solution to the agonizing pain and suffering you have to undergo during piercing. Now you don’t need to postpone your appointment with your piercer due to your fear of the pain. 

The Solution For Pain During Piercing
Dr Numb is a wonderful cream that can reduce the amount of discomfort experienced during piercing and will make piercing a soothing memory for you. Dr Numb is the best solution for all kinds of piercings-ear lobe, rook piercing, piercing at navel etc.

Effective and Safe Amount Of Lidocaine in Dr Numb Cream

The numbing creams have gained popularity due to increasing trend of piercings and other body art. This has led to demand of quality numbing creams as well which don’t cause any side-effects after their application. There are many numbing creams in the market which promise effective results but result into serious side effects later.
A superior quality numbing cream will never have consequences that can prove to be fatal. Also a good numbing cream will never interfere with the quality of the piercing during or after the process. Lidocaine is the major constituent in numbing creams which is responsible for the numbing effect. As per FDA numbing cream shouldn’t contain more than 5% of  Lidocaine as it can prove to be hazardous.   
Dr Numb contains 5% Lidocaine which is the same amount as mentioned in the guidelines of FDA. That’s why Dr Numb cream is used by large number of tattoo artists and piercers all over the world.
The presence of Lidocaine in Dr Numb cream causes the numbing effect on the skin that will be pierced or worked on.

Why Dr Numb Is Popular?

Earlier, ice was used as a numbing cream agent for skin. But using ice constricts the blood vessels when it comes in contact and longer contacts lead to decreased blood flow. Moreover, ice will be effective only if it is applied directly for a long time. Someone has to apply ice for long periods of time to reduce the chances of pain during the piercing. Holding it in one spot can lead to melting of ice, wetting of the skin area and finally a messy situation that can lead to accidents.
All this mess can be avoided with Dr Numb cream. It is easy to apply and gives faster and long lasting results. It fits into the professional setting and makes it easy for the artist and the client to use it.

How Dr Numb Works?

When an external stimulus triggers the pain receptors it leads to pain. The stimulation leads to an electrical signal in the nerves due to sodium. This electrical signal makes it path to the brain through nerves where it is interpreted as pain.
Dr. Numb cream doesn’t let the pain signals to get transmitted from the nerves and reach the brain. It blocks the pathway of pain signals along the nerves and the person doesn’t experience any pain during the process. 
Dr. Numb cream has to be applied 30 minutes before the treatment over the skin area. Then this portion of the skin has to be covered with a saran wrap for proper absorption. After sometimes remove the saran wrap and the skin will remain numb for next two hours. 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Use Of Dr. Numb For Botox

Beauty – a great obsession for almost everyone, irrespective of their age and place. However, the bitter truth is that beauty isn’t immortal, it fades with time and hence everybody wants to ‘preserve’ it for lifelong. As such, if there’s any way for us to keep the beauty within us, we definitely go for it!
The increasing demand of up keeping the youth forever has led to growing number of various beauty regimens and procedures in the dermal clinics around the world.  However, most of these procedures are carried out with the use of needles and lasers that are really hurting. 
Use Of Dr. Numb For Botox

One of the most popular beauty procedures today is the Botox. Botox is a dermal process used by dermatologists and surgeons for removing signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure involves introduction of chemicals through a needle in the individual’s face. The good part is that botox has proven effective for myriads including many celebrities from various corners of the world. Although, botox is not a one-time kind of procedure, it is done in sessions. Generally, the effect could last for at least 5-6 months. However, the bitter part is that the botox procedure gives you a lot of pain. This is because the method is incorporated using needle that is penetrates into the skin. And hence, for this reason dermatologists give topical anesthetics to the individual before starting the botox session.

How To Use Dr. Numb for Botox 

When it comes to topical anesthetic, one has to very cautions while choosing the best topical anesthetics. Although, many options are available in the market today, how safe and effective these anesthetics are greatly depends on their composition. Dr. Numb is one such numbing cream recommended by doctors and people who have already used it earlier. It is a proven, safe and effective numbing formula that makes your skin numb instantly before receiving any painful procedure.
Dr. Numb is a topical anesthetic that contains the highest Lidocaine content and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The topical anesthetic has been used and endorsed by many famous personalities because of its good reputation in terms of its effectiveness. And hence, Dr. Numb is by far the most trusted numbing cream in the global market today.

Besides being used in Botox, Dr. Numb has known to be really effective in diabetes and vaccination shots and other painful skin procedures including tattoo, piercings and dermabrasion/microdermabrasion, etc.
Dr. Numb is 100% safe and effective at a level tolerated by many people who used it and ended up as satisfied and returning customers. So, if you’re planning to go for your Botox sessions, don’t forget Dr. Numb!!!