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Go Tattooed With A Perfect Numbing Cream

“The pain you feel today, is the strength you feel tomorrow”
 This might be true in the context of life, but when it comes to tattooing, it is not necessary that you need to bear the unnecessary pain. Yes, the ‘tattoo pain’- which has kept you far from getting inked. Now you can say good bye to the same pain all due to Dr. Numb!

Being the SAFEST NUMBING CREAM, it has been used worldwide for tattooing. The best part about this treatment is that it neither causes any side-effects nor it interferes with the ink.
What are you looking for, if you want a tattoo job to be done in a pain free manner, you have your solution. It is Dr. Numb!

Tattoo art- Rising Popularity!

You might have seen a number of people are getting their body inked now and then. If you think this is something unique happening these days, then you need to know that this is not a new activity. Yes, tattooing is a form of body art which hails from the past. However, few years back tattoos were common to the people like sailors, outlaws, and biker gangs. And now it is a common form, which every gender and age group loves to adore. Undoubtedly, it has become a very popular body decoration way out.

What Is A Tattoo?

Basically, a tattoo is a puncture wound caused to the skin and then filled with the ink to leave a lifelong mark.
In the past, it was done manually with help of a tool which was tapped on the skin to puncture the wound. Later the ink was injected by hand. Luckily, technological advancements have brought forth several techniques which are somewhat dissimilar to that of past. But, the concept of tattoo art remains the same.
Now a tattoo gun is used in the parlors, which include one or more needles to penetrate the skin. Similarly, the tattoos now last for a very long time. The reason being, the ink is now placed deeply into the skin. Moreover, it makes tattooing much more quickly done as the ink is delivered into the skin while the skin is being punctured.

Does It Hurt?

For every newbie, the first question before going for a tattoo- How much does getting a tattoo hurt?
The similar question has been posed time and time again. And is the professional tattooists are to be believed, the answer is – YES. It hurts when the needle is injected to your skin!
Definitely, it hurts and can take up to several hours, or in some case, even days to heal the wound. It greatly depends on the size and design of the tattoo you are getting.

"Is There A Complete And Safe Solution To Tattoo Pain?

The good thing about getting a tattoo now is that you can eliminate the ‘pain’ from the process entirely. It is possible with the safest and most efficient solution – Dr. Numb.
On application, it causes a numbing effect which lasts up for more than three hours. . When applied to the affected area, it blocks the pain signals sent by the nerve after 20-30 seconds. Being the only non-oil topical anesthetic numbing cream, it will never interfere with the ink, at the time of tattooing or even after that. It doesn’t affect the skin’s elasticity and is safe to ease the unnecessary pain.
There can be nothing simpler to this. You are now to get your body inked in your own style, that too without pain. Isn’t that all you have been looking for!
Call Dr. Numb for your queries and orders today.

4 Foods That Could Be Making Your Joints Hurt

They say that food can’t cure arthritis. But, yes, it can make the problem worse for you. The diet you take can increase the joint pain up to a great extent. Hence, it is important to learn which food items can increase your aching joints. Find out them here.

Few years back, joint pain was common among the elderly. But, now it is becoming popular among the youngsters too. The long sitting hours in the office, unhealthy diet, incomplete rest, etc. are some of the major reasons behind. Well, you cannot do much with your working hours but yes, you can alter the diet. Here it is most important to understand that there are few items which can increase your joint pain. And you need to avoid them!

Below are listed the major food stuff you need to keep a distance with, if you want to heal your joints. Have a look:

The omega-6 fatty acids: It is often said to consume diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It includes salmon and walnuts, which are really good for you. But have you heard of omega-6 fatty acids? No? Whether you know about it or not, the fact is that you have been eating way too much of them. Research has shown that omega-6 fatty acids can cause problems like cardiovascular disease, and inflammation.

It exists in corn, sunflower, safflower, soybean, cottonseed oils, and many more items. The soybean oil, which is widely used for every typical American diet cooking contain up to 25 times more omega-6 fatty acids than. And, all this mess up with your joints!

Soft Drinks: Experts believe that processed sugars leads to inflammation, and this in turn causes joint pain. Do you known the 22-oz. Coke you had last night had about 9 teaspoons of sugar? So, it can be a reason why you are in pain today!

These sugary drinks are the main source of added sugar in today’s diet. It is recommended that the adults should not consume more than 9.5 teaspoons of sugar in a day. But when you add up some beverage, you simply add about three times that amount and you never realize it. Thus, it is important for you to avoid soft drinks, donuts, candy, cookies, etc. The list of stuff also include those items with hidden sugars lurks such as processed foods, yogurt, tomato sauce, and nutritional bars. Instead of this, you can try some natural sweet treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. These are highly useful in general is fighting inflammation as it contain anthocyanins, which is a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient.

Ligneous plant: Also known as nightshade vegetables are known to increase inflammation. The veggies such as tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, sweet potatoes, paprika, bell peppers, hot peppers, etc contain an alkaloid called solanine, which is said to build up calcium deposits in the tissues. Several studies have proved that the consumption of tomatoes, eggplant and potatoes is the major reason of causing arthritic pain and stiffness. Hence, it is suggested to give up these for few months when you are going through joint pain.

Pizza: There is a birthday approaching. Let’s go for a pizza party! If you are having on this mind, it is important you know that eating foods high in saturated fats will not increase the level of cholesterol or augment the chances for heart disease and stroke, but also put you at a greater risk of arthritis inflammation. Basically, they stimulate adipose tissue inflammation and make your joint pain worse. Being the biggest sources of saturated fats, pizza and cheese can be swapped with healthier food items with lower fat amount.

Remember, diet is something you can use to reduce inflammation. Avoiding these food items will improve joint health. Isn’t that simple!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Dr Numb - The Solution For Pain During Piercing

Getting your body parts pierced is the latest style statement. But the terrific pain holds many of you back. Right? Dr Numb is a safe and effective solution to the agonizing pain and suffering you have to undergo during piercing. Now you don’t need to postpone your appointment with your piercer due to your fear of the pain. 

The Solution For Pain During Piercing
Dr Numb is a wonderful cream that can reduce the amount of discomfort experienced during piercing and will make piercing a soothing memory for you. Dr Numb is the best solution for all kinds of piercings-ear lobe, rook piercing, piercing at navel etc.

Effective and Safe Amount Of Lidocaine in Dr Numb Cream

The numbing creams have gained popularity due to increasing trend of piercings and other body art. This has led to demand of quality numbing creams as well which don’t cause any side-effects after their application. There are many numbing creams in the market which promise effective results but result into serious side effects later.
A superior quality numbing cream will never have consequences that can prove to be fatal. Also a good numbing cream will never interfere with the quality of the piercing during or after the process. Lidocaine is the major constituent in numbing creams which is responsible for the numbing effect. As per FDA numbing cream shouldn’t contain more than 5% of  Lidocaine as it can prove to be hazardous.   
Dr Numb contains 5% Lidocaine which is the same amount as mentioned in the guidelines of FDA. That’s why Dr Numb cream is used by large number of tattoo artists and piercers all over the world.
The presence of Lidocaine in Dr Numb cream causes the numbing effect on the skin that will be pierced or worked on.

Why Dr Numb Is Popular?

Earlier, ice was used as a numbing cream agent for skin. But using ice constricts the blood vessels when it comes in contact and longer contacts lead to decreased blood flow. Moreover, ice will be effective only if it is applied directly for a long time. Someone has to apply ice for long periods of time to reduce the chances of pain during the piercing. Holding it in one spot can lead to melting of ice, wetting of the skin area and finally a messy situation that can lead to accidents.
All this mess can be avoided with Dr Numb cream. It is easy to apply and gives faster and long lasting results. It fits into the professional setting and makes it easy for the artist and the client to use it.

How Dr Numb Works?

When an external stimulus triggers the pain receptors it leads to pain. The stimulation leads to an electrical signal in the nerves due to sodium. This electrical signal makes it path to the brain through nerves where it is interpreted as pain.
Dr. Numb cream doesn’t let the pain signals to get transmitted from the nerves and reach the brain. It blocks the pathway of pain signals along the nerves and the person doesn’t experience any pain during the process. 
Dr. Numb cream has to be applied 30 minutes before the treatment over the skin area. Then this portion of the skin has to be covered with a saran wrap for proper absorption. After sometimes remove the saran wrap and the skin will remain numb for next two hours. 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Use Of Dr. Numb For Botox

Beauty – a great obsession for almost everyone, irrespective of their age and place. However, the bitter truth is that beauty isn’t immortal, it fades with time and hence everybody wants to ‘preserve’ it for lifelong. As such, if there’s any way for us to keep the beauty within us, we definitely go for it!
The increasing demand of up keeping the youth forever has led to growing number of various beauty regimens and procedures in the dermal clinics around the world.  However, most of these procedures are carried out with the use of needles and lasers that are really hurting. 
Use Of Dr. Numb For Botox

One of the most popular beauty procedures today is the Botox. Botox is a dermal process used by dermatologists and surgeons for removing signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure involves introduction of chemicals through a needle in the individual’s face. The good part is that botox has proven effective for myriads including many celebrities from various corners of the world. Although, botox is not a one-time kind of procedure, it is done in sessions. Generally, the effect could last for at least 5-6 months. However, the bitter part is that the botox procedure gives you a lot of pain. This is because the method is incorporated using needle that is penetrates into the skin. And hence, for this reason dermatologists give topical anesthetics to the individual before starting the botox session.

How To Use Dr. Numb for Botox 

When it comes to topical anesthetic, one has to very cautions while choosing the best topical anesthetics. Although, many options are available in the market today, how safe and effective these anesthetics are greatly depends on their composition. Dr. Numb is one such numbing cream recommended by doctors and people who have already used it earlier. It is a proven, safe and effective numbing formula that makes your skin numb instantly before receiving any painful procedure.
Dr. Numb is a topical anesthetic that contains the highest Lidocaine content and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The topical anesthetic has been used and endorsed by many famous personalities because of its good reputation in terms of its effectiveness. And hence, Dr. Numb is by far the most trusted numbing cream in the global market today.

Besides being used in Botox, Dr. Numb has known to be really effective in diabetes and vaccination shots and other painful skin procedures including tattoo, piercings and dermabrasion/microdermabrasion, etc.
Dr. Numb is 100% safe and effective at a level tolerated by many people who used it and ended up as satisfied and returning customers. So, if you’re planning to go for your Botox sessions, don’t forget Dr. Numb!!!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Can Dr Numb Weaken My Immune System?

Numbing creams have become popular due to the increased fashion of dermatological procedures such as botox, laser therapy, bikini wax, tattooing, permanent makeup etc. They are also being used in cutting off pain during vaccinations, post labor pain and pain in bony parts of the body.
Dr Numb Topical Anesthetic Cream is a popular cream being used for such procedures. But many people question its safety because of hazardous effects of fake numbing creams available in the market. The following article is about the safe and effective results of Dr Numb cream.

Dr Numb Affiliations

Dr Numb cream contains 5% Lidocaine which makes it both safe and effective to cause numbing. Its manufacturing was started in the year 2008 in a state-of-the art FDA and GMP-compliant facility in North Carolina, USA.
Dr Numb cream is superior quality numbing cream as its manufacturing takes place strictly in accordance to ISO standards. Dr. Numb is now a registered trademark and has gained recognition in the field of dermatology providing relief in many skin procedures.
This is due to effective results of Dr Numb topical cream that it now has a strong global presence. It is popular in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, within South Korea and many other international destinations.
It is being widely used and recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, medical doctors, aestheticians, hospitals and clinics from the United States and 81 countries around the world. This is due to the quality, safety, reliability, consistency and capacity of this product.

Does Dr. Numb Has Any Side-Effect

Dr Numb is one of the highly used creams especially by tattoo artists and in piercing stores. The reason is Dr Numb is effective, easily available over the counter cream that too at a reasonable price.
It is manufactured with the finest quality of lidocaine cream which is exported legally around the world for painless tattoo, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, waxing, bikini wax and minor surgeries.
Dr. Numb has been certified by product by Health Canada - a Federal Department in Canada and is also an official trademark product in the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Therefore, you can use Dr. Numb without worrying for the effects.

Dr Numb Composition And Working

 Dr Numb contains 5% Lidocaine which is the amount prescribed by FDA to be used in topical numbing creams. Other numbing creams contain a larger quantity of lidocaine which definitely result into numbing but also causes harmful side-effects which can even result into death due to prolonged exposure. But Dr Numb cream doesn’t interfere with the blood stream due to the safe amount of lidocaine in it. It also doesn’t affect the quality of the tattoo, wax or any other minor surgery. Therefore, you can trust Dr Numb cream and use it for numbing the skin before the procedures.
In fact, Dr. Numb can effectively reduce the immediate feeling of pain and cause numbness. Moreover, it is available as an over the counter drug without the prescription of the doctor which is also proves that it is safe to use. This is the reason it is used in a variety of dermal applications such as needle injections, tattooing, body piercing, laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, body waxing etc.
Dr. Numb blocks the pain signal which is sent by the nerve endings on the skin. After you apply Dr Numb over the affected area, you will experience numbness within 20-30 seconds of application. You just have to apply this cream sometime before the treatment starts. If you are not sure of the procedure for its application you can also refer to your dermatologist and follow instructions accordingly. It has a numbing impact of at least 3 hours which is good enough for the procedure to complete.

Friday, 9 October 2015

How to Treat Dandruff At Home?

Your Hair forms an important part of your personality. They need to be healthy and shiny, isn’t it? But for a perfect hairstyle, they also need to be dandruff free. Yes, dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis needs to be treated well. Find out some simple and effective home remedies.

While you are all set to go out for a date, you dress up in the new attire, use the best perfume in your drawer, and then turn to the mirror toy comb your hair. Well, everything seems to be perfectly fine until you run your comb through your hair and saw those little flakes falling on your shoulder. Surely, this is very scary and weird enough to spoil your energy and mood together.

No one likes dandruff and is something you need to worry about. Dandruff can be due to various reasons. Generally, dry scalp is known to be the most common reason, but other conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, etc. can too be the cause. Thus, if you are using remedies for dandruff free hair and not getting the desired results then you need to switch to natural solutions. Read on few of them here:

Apple Cider Vinegar: 

If this appears to be a dreadful idea, then you need to know that it quite an effective way to treat dandruff. The reason being it actually addresses the root and soothes your scalp. The rapid maturing and dying of skin cells causes irritation and ACV help you get rid of these unwanted skin cells, which would else results to formation of flakes.
The other reason behind increasing dandruff is the overgrowth of fungus, and vinegar work on this too. It acts like a fungicide. Moreover, the use is straightforward and simple. Here is something you can try..

How to apply?
Start by adding half cup of vinegar to same quantity of warm water in a cup. The amount can be varied as per the requirement. Directly pour the mixture over your hair. Start scrubbing it around gently and leave it for few minutes to work. Later rinse it thoroughly with water. Better you do it at night. You have to leave it for about 8-12 hours before taking a shampoo. You can repeat it once a week or two weeks.


Generally, used as a spice, it serves ideally for several medicinal purposes. The seeds are known to be rich in protein and amino acids, which makes it ideal for healthy hair and hair growth. And, yes it helps you fight back those wicked flakes. Along this, the high concentration of lecithin in the seeds help your hair grows stronger and every time you use it, your hair feels silky smooth and soft.

How to apply?
All you need is 2 tablespoons of Fenugreek seeds and something to grind the seeds. You have to soak the seeds in 1-2 cups of water one night before and grind them to form a fine paste next morning. Apply this paste directly to your scalp. Allow it to dry for 30-45 minutes and wash it off with mild shampoo or water.

White Vinegar:

Don’t confuse it with ACV. If you don’t like the smell of ACV, you can switch to white vinegar. It is one of the best home treatments having acetic acid which prevents growth of fungi and relieves itching instantly.
How to apply?
To use it, you need prepare a mixture of vinegar and olive oil. Add one part of olive oil, two parts white vinegar, and three parts water together in a bowl. Apply it to your scalp and after 10 minutes rinse it off. You can later shampoo your hair. Try this once or twice a week for fruitful results.

Baking Soda: 

This will prove to be very effective. Being easily available, you can use it any time at home. Baking soda mildly exfoliates your scalp and helps you get rid of the excess dead skin. Eradicating the fungi it treats your scalp. 
How To Apply?
You need one tablespoon of baking soda and one cup of warm water. Form a mixture and add it to a shampoo bottle. Whenever you need to use it, shake up the mixture. You can use it in place of shampoo.  It will help your hair to restore natural oils and make them look more balanced.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

What is the Best Procedure to Get Rid of Scabies Itch?

The parasite Sarcoptes scabiei is a tiny skin mite which is the causal organism of scabies in humans. The result is a fiercely itchy skin condition which gets worse if not treated properly. Scabies can affect anyone irrespective of race, age, and gender. 

The only way to get rid of scabies is through treatment. The following article is about few anti-itch regimes for people infected with scabies.

The microscopic mite creates burrows between the skin layers to lay eggs and continue to spread to the whole body. This results into intense itching over the affected skin which gets worse at night and increasing chances of other skin infections.

Human scabies is a result of close physical contact with person suffering from it who can be a child, a friend, or family member. It almost takes a week to 10 days for the scabies symptoms to come but the treatment should be started if you are aware that you have been in contact with a person suffering from scabies. 

The worst part of scabies infection is the severe itching that leads to bumps all over the body and lot of irritation. 

Following are anti-itch remedies to reduce the intensity of the itch and get relieved faster.  

Step 1 of 2: Tips for reducing itchiness

1. A Cold water shower can bring lot of relief

A cold water shower can ease the intense itch as compared to hot water which can only make it worse. Hot water can only make the skin dry and increase irritation and itching whereas a cold water bath can be soothing as well as help in balancing natural oils in the skin. 

A cold water shower can be challenging for some, so it’s good to start with warm water and then reduce the temperature so that you can have a soothing bath.

2. Choose the right kind of clothing materials

There are some fabrics that can increase the itching and make your skin hyper sensitive. Avoid wearing new clothes as they contain additives like formaldehyde which can cause irritation. Fabrics such as Latex, Wool, and tight clothes should be strictly avoided. 

You can wear light cotton clothes, silk linen. Prefer wearing loose clothing. 

3. Stay away from hot and sticky environments.

Try to avoid every situation that can raise the temperature of your body. Don’t go to places which are too hot and have sticky, sweaty and muggy environments 

Sit under an AC if it’s hot or take a cool shower. Do everything to keep your skin comfortable and sweat-free. 

4. Choose soaps carefully 

Bathing with hard soap that contains irritating ingredients can cause skin inflammation and may lead to eczema. Hard soaps also take away natural oils from the skin; therefore it’s good to bath using a mild, anti-scabies soap. 

Dr Scabies soap contains Sulfur and natural oil extracts that can help to alleviate the itch.

Step 2 of 2: Natural remedies for scabies treatment

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is known for its anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, antiseptic, antiparasitic, antibacterial, antifungal and wound-healing qualities. Tea tree oil contains terpinen-4-ol that can kill the scabies mite. 

You can apply a mixture of single tablespoon of tea tree oil and olive oil on the affected areas using a cotton ball. Continue this for at least two to three weeks for effective results. 

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not use tea tree oil without doctor’s consultations. For people with sensitive skin, tea tree oil can be irritating. 

2. Neem Oil

Neem oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that have a killing effect over the bacteria and fungus trapped in the skin. The smell of neem oil doesn’t let the scabies to reproduce and therefore, the duration of the problem is reduced. 

You can apply pure Neem oil to the affected areas and then gently massage it for few minutes before taking a bath. 

You can even combine two ounces of Neem oil with an equal amount of freshly ground turmeric powder to form a paste and apply it two or three times a day. 

3. Cayenne pepper 

Cayenne pepper has a burning effect on scabies mites and therefore, it can provide a lot of relief from the scabies itch. Simply mix one cup of cayenne pepper in hot bath water and soak in the water till it turns cold. 

This remedy is not recommended for people with sensitive skin. Also make sure the pepper doesn’t reach your eyes.

4. Epsom salt can help reduce inflammation

Magnesium-sulphate in Epsom salts can reduce skin inflammation and intense itching of the skin.  

Mix some Epsom salt in hot water and soak in it till it gets absorbed in the skin. Later on take a cold shower to prevent dryness.

Adding baking soda, Neem oil, jojoba oil, and tee tree oil along with Epsom salt in hot water can prove to be super-effective. 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Got Some Scabies Rashes- It’s Time to Check!

People have a great fear for skin problems. The reason being, most of them are highly contagious. One of such spreadable skin disorder is scabies. Often characterized by its rash symptoms, it is generally mistaken as other skin problems. But not anymore! Here is detailed information, which will help you differentiating between the scabies rash and other skin problems.

Have you ever heard of scabies before? Well, if not it will be a little difficult to identify the symptoms at first experience. This is a common condition, which is caused by the presence of little mites which enters a human body through direct and indirect contact. These mites are microscopic in size and thus they are not visible to naked eye. They can burrow deep into the skin's upper layer and what increases the infestation is when these mites start laying eggs in your flesh. Then these eggs hatch and grow up into scabies mites, causing increase in their numbers.

Diagnosing Scabies Infection
As said earlier it is a highly contagious skin condition, it is not that simple to be diagnosed. Along this, scabies is somewhat similar in appearance to several other skin ailments. A number of symptoms match ideally with problems like eczema, bedbug bite, psoriasis, etc. The second and major reason, which makes diagnosis difficult, is that it takes a good time for the symptoms to appear completely. In addition, other than intense itching, there is no other particular symptom of scabies which varies from person to person. Hence, it is often ignored or misdiagnosed.

How dermatological diagnosis scabies? 
If intense itching occurs or you observe some red rashes, it is better you consult your dermatologists. The experts can easily diagnose the disease and confirm you regarding the same. They will visually examine your body skin from head to toe and if needed, will go for some popular scabies test too.

What are the different types of scabies test?
Professionals can perform different tests. However, there are mainly two types of test, which guarantees full proof confirmation.

  • The Ink Test: It is the widely used and trusted scabies test. During this test, the doctors mark the suspected area with help of a washable marker first. Then the ink is later wiped off with help of alcoholic cloth. 

What happens?
Once they clear off the ink from the skin surface, the areas with the burrows will show an outline of the ink. These will appear similar to the dark streaks, pointing towards the presence of scabies mites under your skin.

  • The Scraping Test: Another way out to assure the presence of scabies mites is with help of this test. In this method, the dermatologist scrapes off a tiny bit of skin. Don’t worry, it is not that painful.

What happens? 
The scarped skin is placed on a glass slide and then it is checked under microscope. If scabies mites or their eggs are visible to the professional, it becomes evident that the person is infested by scabies mites and needs to be treated.

How to treat scabies completely?
It is very important to get rid of scabies as soon as possible. Not only the person diagnosed with scabies, but also the other people, who come in contact with the affectant become more prone to this skin disorder. Thus, treatment is not constrained to the patient only, but everyone who lives with the person.

For complete treatment you have many options. A number of scabies treatment creams are available over the counter, but most of them use harmful insecticides like permethrin and lidocaine. These chemicals are not good for your skin. However, you can count on topical creams like Dr. Scabies, which make use of natural elements.

Friday, 28 August 2015


In the last few years, Botox, Dysport which are neurotoxins and voluma, Sculptra which are dermal fillers have become really popular among people. The reason behind it is simple. These techniques can almost reverse the aging signs and can make anybody look younger who chooses to opt for it. Another thing for their preference is that these techniques are totally safe. 
A recent study published on JAMA Dermatology, says that there are only 1 percent cases which have been found for negative side effects of injectables. In the following blog post we have discussed about the safety of the botox and the dermal fillers.


The injectable treatments don’t employ use of any anesthesia, cutting of the skin and even take very less time to settle into the skin. Therefore, they are much safe as compared to other treatments such as facelift or brow lift surgery.
A recent study analyzed over 20,300 cases which were treated by over 23 board certified dermatologists in a time span of 2 months.
And the results came out to be incredible. Out of 416 there was only single patient that complained of negative side effects from the injectable treatment.
As per the study, there were only 1 in 3,333 cases of Botox which failed to show up the desired results.
So, botox and dermal fillers are safe methods to get your skin rid of wrinkles, fine lines and even dark lines under the skin.

How to ensure your botox and dermal fillers are totally safe for you?

Safety Checklist

The popularity of injectables has seen an upsurge in the last few years and more and more people are now adopting for it. But when something gets too popular then it invites a lot of malpractices and misuse of the techniques also.
Therefore, it’s advisable for everyone to follow some safety rules in order to avoid any negative side-effects. 

·         Check if your doctor is board-certified

Don’t be hesitant in asking about the qualifications of your doctor .Make sure you get yourself treated from a board-certified doctor, dentist, pharmacist or nurse. You can even read testimonials and check for references of the doctor.

          Don’t go by the Titles 

We often get attracted to titles like "Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner/Therapist" but they can even be bogus as well. Therefore, check for the qualifications to make sure the title they are using for their clinic actually applies to them or not.

·         Check if your doctor is trained

Every doctor needs an expert training before they can give the injectable cosmetic treatments. The training includes variety of things like dealing with adverse conditions such as severe allergic reactions.

·         Hygiene is an important issue 

A good doctor will always have a hygienic and safe environment for Botox and dermal fillers. This helps to prevent infection or any damage to skin which can be permanent.
Such treatments cannot be carried out in a home or a salon. They need proper setting clinical environment and facilities.

What if you experience some uneasiness post the procedure?

The first and the last thing would be to seek medical help. Although there are very little chances of side-effects after the treatment provided you have got it done from a well-experienced and trained practitioner but still if you feel some problem you should check with the doctor.
Sometimes people experience symptoms, such as a rash, fever, swelling or elevating pain but that is very rarely seen. In case of such a situation you should visit your GP for further treatment. You can also check with the doctor who treated you for better advice and speedy recovery.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Is Dr. Numb Cream Safe to Use on Facial Hair Removal?

There is no end to women’s beautification practices. One such important practice that adds spark to a woman’s beauty is the facial hair removal. The excess hair can make a woman feel negatively self-conscious and less confident about herself. Women who desire a brighter face along with smoothness get their facial hair removed through various processes.

Various Hair Removal Process

There are various ways to remove facial hair removal easily. Some remove the hair temporarily while others help them grow for the entire lifetime.
Have a look:

1. Plucking

With the help of tweezers, the hairs are removed directly from the follicles. As such, it takes time for them to re-grow. Plucking is suitable for stray hairs that grow on the chin, between and under the brows. However, this isn’t an appropriate method to remove hair on the upper lip. Also, one should take care not to pluck out hair from a mole without consulting a doctor.

2. Threading

It's the most common method of removing facial hair although the effects are temporary and the procedure has to be repeated periodically. It is useful for areas like the upper lip and the eyebrows. Frequent threading can cause skin irritations. Threading is a painful procedure as it pulls the hair from the skin surface.

3. Waxing

Another method to remove those unwanted facial hair is the cold wax. Waxing strips are available to facilitate in the process. However, it is safer for smaller areas like the chin, area above the lips or sideburns and should not be used for large areas of the face. To remove facial hair for excessive area, many prefer a combination of methods, like threading chin and upper lips and waxing sideburns.

4. Epilation

An epilator is a small instrument for hair removal that usually differs from those made for the ones to remove body hair. Their effect lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks as the epilators pull out the hair by the roots. It is said that even the smallest hair can be removed with an epilator.

5. Electrolysis

This is said to be a permanent method of hair removal, yet hairs are likely to re-grow sometimes. Earlier, the diathermy method was used, which involved the use of fine needles to pass the electric current. But, now a new procedure is being used, in which no needles used. This is known as known as transdermal electrolysis.

6. Laser

The most common method today for facial hair removal is the Laser treatment. The reason for its widespread popularity is that it’s prevents the hair re-growth permanently. In this treatment, an intense laser beam is used, which is absorbed by the hair follicles. This laser beam inactivates the hair follicle's ability to produce hair. The advantage of laser over electrolysis is that the laser light can scan broader areas. However, it is more expensive than electrolysis. Laser causes a few temporary side effects, such as redness, swelling and itching. Sometimes the skin may get burnt due to improper use of the technique. So, before choosing the clinic, it is essential to find out its reputation and work history.

Painful Procedures:

All of the above mentioned uses some or the other ways to remove hair from the follicle or root. As such, all these methods are painful. However, the intensity of pain depends on several factors like how the service has been given, receptor’s pain threshold, and the technique.
The facial hair is most delicate and so is the facial skin. As such, it becomes difficult for women to bear immense pain. However, the good news is that you need not to feel pain anymore while undergoing any beauty treatment. Dr. Numb is here!!

Dr. Numb for Painless Facial Hair Removal

Since the pain threshold during various facial hair removal techniques is marginally high, most dermatologists prefer using a numbing cream during the procedure. And.. Nothing is better than Dr. Numb.