Friday, 19 December 2014

Are there Any Natural Scabies Treatment Options Available?

A horrible disease, scabies can be highly tough to fight without proper medication. However, if you are able to find natural scabies treatment timely, you can recover in no time.

Scabies is without doubt one of the worst skin conditions one can have. As the affected area continues to obtain more red patches and small blisters, prolonged itching leads to intensepain.
When it comes to treating scabies, the key is to completely eliminate the obnoxious mites. The best and safest way is to always start the treatment with a natural remedy.
But what are the natural treatment options for scabies that are easily available? Let’s find out.

1. Maintain Hygiene
Scabies is one of those skin conditions that require you to keep your home’s environment and surroundings neat and clean. The scabies mite can thrive virtually anywhere within a house, especially things and places that are not frequently moved. Carpets and furniture pieces are the best example.
Develop a habit of thoroughly cleaning your house from time to time, preventing the mites from growing in there. If you have already caught the infection, try your best to keep the affected skin area clean and dry. If you are applying a cream or lotion, don’t forget to wash your hands with a sanitizer.

2. Neem Oil
If you are sure you are suffering from scabies and need a natural, herbal cure, one good option is neem oil. In fact, it is the best natural scabies treatment that is approved by skin experts for safe use. The best thing about neem oil is that it is often available at home. You can also find it easily in a natural food store.
Neem oil is rich in certain chemical substances that are capable of killing the scabies mite fast. You can enhance its impact by taking onion baths after each treatment session. If you are not sure how to use or apply the oil and how much, consider visiting your dermatologist before starting the treatment.

3. Make Your Own Treatment
You can make a DIY treatment for scabies at home and use it as an emergency remedy unless you get time to visit and consult a doctor. Mix your regular, unscented body lotion with a small amount of sulfur. Apply the lotion on the affected area after properly washing and drying it. Don’t scratch the skin surface while the lotion is still there. Stop applying the lotion if you notice irritation or excessive redness though!

4. A Prescribed Scabies Treatment
It is true that while these home remedies may relieve the pain temporarily, you can’t get long-lasting results without taking prescription medicine. Once your doctor or dermatologist has diagnosed the problem, he/she will recommend an anti-mite cream or soap such Dr. Scabies. The best advantage to this remedy is that it is both natural and effective.

When applied on the affected area, Dr. Scabies directly targets the mites, preventing them from damaging the skin further. Its natural plant extracts that have strong healing properties soothe the treated area to relieve itching. It turns your skin to normal after only a few times of use. 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

How To Kill Scabies

There are horrid stories of Scabies that refuse to go away. People often call it the seven year itch, as in the olden days there was very little information on the parasite and no sure shot method to kill Scabies.
The disease is most terrifying as the parasite is microscopic and cannot be seen by the naked eye. To live with the feeling that something is crawling under your skin, can be very depressing and terrifying at the same time. It needs to be clearly understood that in order to kill Scabies a good scabicide cream is required. The parasite does not die a natural death and the infection does not go away on its own.
Let us read some more about how to kill Scabies.

The Scabies Mite
The Scabies mite has been around for centuries and refuses to go away. Although, they are microscopic in nature, the mites can surely give a nasty rash that can give many sleepless nights to a patient. The female mite burrows inside the skin of the patient and looks for a suitable place to lay the eggs. This burrowing process is visible on the surface of the skin in the form of zigzag lines.
The Scary Itch
Once the female starts burrowing and laying the eggs, the skin starts reacting to the larvae, the feces and the alien activity. The allergic reaction creates an intense itching that can become unbearable at night. Besides the itch which can get very intense, it is the feeling that something is crawling under your skin that can drive patients crazy. The sad fact about Scabies is that till the time it keeps finding a host it will keep multiplying and refuse to go.
The Permethrin Scare

The most widely heard about cure for Scabies is permethrin based. But it is important for all to know that permethrin is a pesticide and can cause severe side effects. These side effects appear in the form of swelling in different body parts, rashes and itching, dizziness and sometimes it may cause problems with breathing.
In a hurry to get treated patients often go for hear and say products and end up aggravating the problem. It is also to be noted that patients who were once treated by permethrin, showed a resistance to the product in re-infestation cases.
Home Remedies
There is a lot of information about home remedies that claim to be a sure shot remedy for scabies. Tea tree oil, neem oil, aloe vera and cayenne are some such remedies that are often recommend for eradication of Scabies infection.
But, in most cases these home solutions, only provide temporary relief from the itching, or help in healing the bacterial infection caused by the itching. They fail terribly in complete eradication of the infestation of the mites because they cannot stop the mites from multiplying or kills them.
Dr. Scabies

Dr. Scabies on the other hand is a sure shot natural method to get rid of the infection and the infestation. It is the only scabicide cream on the market, which is completely natural and has no side effects. Once you follow the instructions and complete the treatment, the mite will be gone forever. 

Friday, 14 November 2014

Best Home Remedies for Treatment of Scabies

Today, there are many products and treatments offering a long lasting solution for the Scabies infection, but how many of them actually work is questionable.

There are Permeation based products, which in fact is a pesticide used on plants and rodents. There are many home remedies too which claim to offer relief from this condition. But, it has been seen that these remedies offer different levels of relief in different patients, depending on their condition.

Most of the times these home base solutions give a patient relief from the itching, but are incapable of removing the infestation from the body. Listed here are some popular home remedies for Scabies, but like in any other infection if the situation worsens, do consult a doctor right away.
1.    Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is one of the most often sought after home remedies for Scabies. It actually has a chemical component called terpinen-4-ol that is believed to be capable of eradicating the Scabies parasite. It is often used for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial qualities. It is reported to be very effective in reducing the itching felt in the condition of Scabies. However, pregnant women and those with over sensitive skin should avoid this oil.

2. Neem Oil
Neem oil is often used as a botanical pesticide. It is also recommended for a Scabies patient due to its antifungal and anti bacterial properties. It is very useful in eradicating the bacteria that might be present in the affected area. People believe that the strong smell of the oil inhibits the mites form reproducing. The oil is actually more effective to get rid of the itching once the treatment with a scabicide is complete and to heal the infection caused by itching.

3. Cayenne Pepper
Cayenne pepper is often used to kill and supposedly burn the mites. People have reported mixed results with this remedy and often observed that the mites came with a vengeance after a week. It is also not suitable for people with sensitive skin as the heat in the pepper can be too much to bear.

4. Zinc
Zinc is known to be very helpful in treating any outbreaks of fungus that appear as a secondary infection in Scabies. Zinc tablets are often powdered and made into a paste to be applied on the affected area. Patients are also advised to have zinc rich foods like wholegrain products, soya beans and sunflower seeds.
As evident from the above details, there is no sure shot home remedy that can be recommended for Scabies infection. Dr. Scabies, however, is a natural scabicide that is gaining popularity by the day. Almost 80% of it ingredients are naturally based and it has sulfur as the active chemical component in it. Sulfur is present in highest permissible levels of 5% and is known to eradicate the infection and its infestation. And since it is a natural product it suits all and has no side effects.