Friday, 19 December 2014

Are there Any Natural Scabies Treatment Options Available?

A horrible disease, scabies can be highly tough to fight without proper medication. However, if you are able to find natural scabies treatment timely, you can recover in no time.

Scabies is without doubt one of the worst skin conditions one can have. As the affected area continues to obtain more red patches and small blisters, prolonged itching leads to intensepain.
When it comes to treating scabies, the key is to completely eliminate the obnoxious mites. The best and safest way is to always start the treatment with a natural remedy.
But what are the natural treatment options for scabies that are easily available? Let’s find out.

1. Maintain Hygiene
Scabies is one of those skin conditions that require you to keep your home’s environment and surroundings neat and clean. The scabies mite can thrive virtually anywhere within a house, especially things and places that are not frequently moved. Carpets and furniture pieces are the best example.
Develop a habit of thoroughly cleaning your house from time to time, preventing the mites from growing in there. If you have already caught the infection, try your best to keep the affected skin area clean and dry. If you are applying a cream or lotion, don’t forget to wash your hands with a sanitizer.

2. Neem Oil
If you are sure you are suffering from scabies and need a natural, herbal cure, one good option is neem oil. In fact, it is the best natural scabies treatment that is approved by skin experts for safe use. The best thing about neem oil is that it is often available at home. You can also find it easily in a natural food store.
Neem oil is rich in certain chemical substances that are capable of killing the scabies mite fast. You can enhance its impact by taking onion baths after each treatment session. If you are not sure how to use or apply the oil and how much, consider visiting your dermatologist before starting the treatment.

3. Make Your Own Treatment
You can make a DIY treatment for scabies at home and use it as an emergency remedy unless you get time to visit and consult a doctor. Mix your regular, unscented body lotion with a small amount of sulfur. Apply the lotion on the affected area after properly washing and drying it. Don’t scratch the skin surface while the lotion is still there. Stop applying the lotion if you notice irritation or excessive redness though!

4. A Prescribed Scabies Treatment
It is true that while these home remedies may relieve the pain temporarily, you can’t get long-lasting results without taking prescription medicine. Once your doctor or dermatologist has diagnosed the problem, he/she will recommend an anti-mite cream or soap such Dr. Scabies. The best advantage to this remedy is that it is both natural and effective.

When applied on the affected area, Dr. Scabies directly targets the mites, preventing them from damaging the skin further. Its natural plant extracts that have strong healing properties soothe the treated area to relieve itching. It turns your skin to normal after only a few times of use. 

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