Thursday, 1 December 2016

Top 5 Best Natural Remedies for Joint Pain Relief

Joint pains can be traumatic, and therefore, you cannot ignore the mild level pain which occurs when you make some movement. So, if you are looking for some healing solutions, why not go herbal? Yes, herbal remedies work amazingly on joint pain. Read on to know more.

Do you face trouble in moving around? Do you feel pain or stiffness in your joints? You might be suffering from arthritis as all these are symptoms of joint problems. Generally, patients experience a mild and pinching pain, followed by swelling in the joints in the beginning. And if not paid attention, these swollen joints can suffer severe damage.

So how do you treat your joint pain? Don’t just start with those expensive painkillers. These might work for a while, reducing the pain, but in long term these are neither safe nor appropriate. But that never stops you from treating aching joints naturally. Yes, you read it right!

Nature has solution to all your problems, even your joint pain. Below are listed some simple ways to say good-bye to paining joints in the most natural manner. Read on;


Being an ancient form of healing, reflexology may prove helpful to help relieve pain in joints. It has been known for thousands of years and practiced by the early Indian, Chinese and Egyptian civilizations.

Actually, it is the application of pressure at some particular points which help in reducing pain. Pressure is applied with the help of thumb and fingers on the reflex points (in the feet and hands), and thus the name arrives, reflexology. Applying pressure helps stimulating a physiological change in the body. It is not simple massage and needs expert’s assistance. Yes, you need a skilled and professional Reflexologist for the treatment.

Natural Supplements

Besides the changes mentioned in the diet you take, there is something more you can add to relieve pain. Several studies have shown potential benefits of some herbal supplements which work magically on pain. For example, the more popular these days, JOD Rakshak, brings the gift of nature, a perfect combo of ShudhGuggul, Shilajit and Ashwagndha. No doubt, there is no dearth of herbal manufacturers, and even some might be using the same ingredients. But the difference arises in the composition and method used! 

You can check out the expert’s comment about this outstanding product in the video here.


If you ask about the best conventional treatment, it involves prescribed exercises which are sincerely meant to keep the joints flexible. There are simple and easy to do practices which not only strengthen the surrounding tissues but also encourage nourishment of the cartilage. Hence, giving overall joint protection. And the best thing is that it can be taken along with the drug measures to ease discomfort and reduce stiffness.

Here it is worth noticing that you cannot start away with any type of exercises. These need to be strictly based on the suggestions of a physical therapist. If not performed under the guidance of experts, it may cause severe damage.

Diet and Weight Management:

Excess of weight can be one of the reasons for aching joints. If it is the same case, eating a nutritionally balanced diet will prove to be helpful. So, you need to be bit particular about your food choices can help greatly. Reducing citrus fruits, dairy products, along with meat category, alcohol and vegetable oil will surely be helpful.

Additionally, water intake is highly important for your joints. Reason being, the synovial fluid consist of water which protect the joints. When a person becomes dehydrated, amount of synovial fluid decreases, which further reduces the friction between the cartilages in joints. Drink more of water, it always add benefits.


So after adding water intake to your routine, there is an additional measure which can help ease the joint pain and stiffness. It includes both, heat and cold treatments, and these are among the easiest ways to soothe joint pain. If you feel sharper and more intense pain, you must go for a cold compress. You can pick an ice pack wrapped in a plastic bag. Placing over a towel on the skin for 10 to 20 minutes will reduce pain instantly.

To relieve stiffness and dull, warm compression is the right choice as it eases the penetrating pain. You can apply directly to the affected area and repeat every four hours. Besides, hot showers or heating pads are also recommended to improve flexibility.

Lastly, these measures are believed to work naturally for pain relief. But along this, it is recommended visiting your doctor for proper check-up too.