Friday, 26 July 2013

Benefits of Exercise and Dance to keep Body Fit and Healthy

Do you want to lead a healthier, happier and perhaps a longer life? There are two really simple ways of doing so - exercising and dancing. Both of them bring the body to a constant state of physical activity, which eventually has an impact on the mental as well as the physical well being of a person.
The next question in mind is why are we concentrating on exercise and dancing in a single piece of text. This is because there is a strong correlation between the two. Dancing although more playful and fun filled qualifies as a true sport and a valid form of exercising. Just like exercising it does impact our “cardiovascular health”, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. Besides it can also contribute in strengthening the bones and improving one’s body posture.
In what is given below is a list of the collective benefits of dance and exercise for the keeping the body fit and healthy:            

Managing weight loss
Exercising and dancing both prevent excess weight gain. When one engages in physical activity of any form, it is going to lead to the burning of calories. Moreover, it is not always necessary to keep aside huge chunks of time for exercising, if you enjoy dancing, put up some groovy music, and rev up your calories.
Combating health conditions and diseases
If you are battling with diseases of the heart and high blood pressure, exercising and dancing can highly benefit you. Any active person’s body produces more of high density lipoproteins, which are nothing but good cholesterol, while also reducing the amount of unhealthy triglycerides. Besides this can active body is also associated with a more active mind, and it is also possible to deal with some other problems such as diabetes Type 2, metabolic problems, strokes, cancer, and more.
Dancing and exercising can improve one’s mood
Busy lives of today are taking toll on our moods and happiness. There is more stress and anxiety in our daily lives, meeting targets and deadlines at office, managing a household, and other things keep us rather busy and tied up. Sparing sometime for exercising and dancing can be helpful in warding off such conditions. When the entire body is active, the brain produces certain chemical that make us feel happier. Your physical appearance improve, posture improves, which in turn boost your self-esteem and confidence.
Boosting energy levels
Do you feel winded after doing the smallest household chores or walking only a few steps on the street? This is an indication that your body lacks the physical energy needed to do the slightest of activities. Regular exercising and dancing can improve your muscle strength and so also boost your power to endure. Your heart and lungs works better, and there is increased blood supply to all parts of the body making you feel more energetic.
Improves sleep
Finding it difficult to sleep, or suffering from insomnia? One of the most effective remedies for this is to exercise and dance. On the one hand these two physical activities boost energy, and on the other hand also ensure one sleeps in peace because there is reduced stress after exercising. Also when the body muscles get exhausted after exercising, sleep comes easier. 
  Improved sex life
After the day’s work, do you feel too tired or out of shape for spending some intimate time with your partner? Daily stress and a weak body can drive the fun out of your sex life. If you wish to restore it, it is time for some physical exercise and dancing. By making you feel more energetic, and low on stress can lead to enhanced arousal in women and reduce the chances of “erectile dysfunction in men.
Have fun while exercising and dancing
Exercising and dancing are not draining on one’s mind, but let you freely grove your body to certain rhythms. Exercising follows a certain pattern and so does dancing. Accompany these by your favorite tunes, and unwind the stress on your mind as well as on your body. And, why exercise alone? Get your friends and family along, and enjoy sometime socializing with them through the medium of dance and exercise.

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