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Ten allergic Foods to Avoid

An allergic reaction is not something to worry too much about. An allergy may develop as a result of food reaction, commonly known as the called oral allergy syndrome (OAS)
There are foods that cause immediate allergic reactions, mild and severe. In some cases, what is a common food for one person might be allergic for another. Let us know about ten common allergic foods to avoid.

10. Celery
Celery is a very common allergic food mostly consumed as a vegetable. It causes irritation and itching on the skin. It can also cause severe swelling around the mouth. Celery is likely to trigger the oral allergy syndrome nine out of ten times you serve it. Anaphylactic shock and nausea are other types of reaction celery can cause.

9. Sesame
Sesame accounts for more than half the total food-related allergic reactions where it is commonly found. It sets off anaphylactic shock and can be fatal once in a while. There have been cases wherein people suffering from allergic reactions caused by sesame never recovered. This is why if you notice a reaction once, you should avoid sesame for the rest of your life.  

8. Milk
No need to mention, milk (cow’s, particularly!) is the most prevalent allergic food mainly affectingyoung children worldwide. On an average, milk causes allergic reactions in children before they are one year old. When past this age, they don’t have allergic reaction to cow’s milk.
The most common allergic reactions caused by cow’s milk are asthma, Anaphylactic shock and hives. Atopic Dermatitis, a common skin condition causing rashes and itch, is another reaction caused by cow’s milk. 

7. Eggs
Once you become allergic to eggs, even the sight of them can be disturbing. You might be allergic to egg protein that very easily triggers allergic reactions. The common allergic reactions caused by eggs are atopic dermatitis, anaphylactic shock and hives. In some cases people have allergic rhinitis leading to a runny nose and headache.

6. Peanuts
They are another notorious food causing fatal allergic reactions. Young children are highly prone to them, some recover after some years and the rest fail throughout their lives. Allergic reaction caused by peanuts if ignored, often leads to atopic dermatitis, hives, anaphylactic shock and asthma. 

5. Tree Nuts
Almost all allergic reactions caused by tree nuts last forever. Never overcoming their allergy, young children are a common victim. They cause digestion-related problems including reactions like anaphylactic shock, asthma, hives and atopic dermatitis. 

4. Fish
Among fish, Salmon and Cod are the two types known for causing a number of allergic reactions. Other fish types causing allergic reactions are Tuna, Anchovies, Sardines and Mackerel. If you know you’re allergic to fish, avoid eatables like Caesar salad dressing containing anchovies. 

3. Shellfish
Any food from Shellfish family is not for you if you are allergic to them. This family includes mollusks and crustaceans like oysters, mussels, squids, lobsters and crabs. The common reactions caused by them are asthma, anaphylactic shock and hives. 

2. Wheat
Most wheat allergies develop in children at a young age. The common allergic reactions to wheat are hives, asthma, anaphylactic shock and atopic dermatitis. Wheat allergies are caused even when wheat particles are breathed in accidently.

1. Soy
Though the best substitute for milk, Soy is one of the most allergic foods ever. Allergic reactions caused by Soy are common in children. Standard allergic reactions include asthma, anaphylactic shock, hives and colitis.

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