Thursday, 19 September 2013

5 Herbs Known to Help in Weight Loss

Basically herbs are food items. You can cook for a distinct flavor or have them in their natural form. Weight loss assisting herbs contain vitamins and minerals, which makes them helpful for people trying to lose weight.
It should be noted that herbs aren’t medicines and they don’t really have any negative side effects, unless consumed in an inappropriate way. Therefore, just about anyone can take herbs whenever they want without worrying in anyway. 

Majorly herb can help in weight loss in the following four ways:

  1. There are herbs that act as appetite suppressants. They decrease the urge for eating by expanding in the stomach.
  2. Herbs better the bowel movement and help in complete digestion and also pose a check on the calorie    intake.
  3. Some herbs help the body get rid of the water through excessive urine.
  4. And stimulating herbs assist the body in burning more calories. 

Here is a list of 5 herbs known to assist in weight loss:

1.    Green tea:
Green tea contains antioxidants, which help in burning calories and body fat. When coupled with a disciplined exercise routine, green tea can do wonders in assisting the body lose extra fat. So, if you’re someone who follows a disciplined exercise regime but have not been able to see the results you want, then including green tea in you routine can really help. 

2.     Coconut oil
Coconut oil actually works as an appetite suppressant. Coconut oil comprises of numerous fats which do not stick to the body, this consuming coconut oil makes a person feel stuffed without the need to eat too much or all the time (too reason primarily responsible for weight gain). Use of the coconut oil shows instant results, you can measure the results only after a few days of including the herb in your diet.

3.    Aloe Vera
Amid other herbs that can really help in weight loss, Aloe Vera certainly deserves a big recognition. Aloe Vera is a household name because of its detoxifying properties. But something that people don’t really know is that Aloe Vera juice can improve digestion and cleanse the body very quick, thus not only assisting in weight loss but also in making the skin more radiant and smooth. 

4.    Red pepper
There are herbs that work as appetite suppressants and there are herbs that keep the body hydrated in order to help it lose weight. One of the herbs really significant in the latter category is the red pepper. Basically a hot spice, red pepper is known to stimulate water requirement in the body. Recognizing the fact that fluids are good for every diet, you can include red pepper in your diet because it will surely make you drink lots of water (fluids) so that you keep hydrated and lose those unwanted fats.

5.    Cinnamon
Cinnamon has been proven to work on lessening bad cholesterol levels, without affecting the good cholesterol. Cinnamon has positive effects on blood sugar and thus it helps against obesity.

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