Friday, 11 October 2013

Green Tea Can Help You to Get Rid of Nicotine

Classified as alkaloid, nicotine forms the most important part of the ingredient base in a tobacco plant. For their stimulating properties, nicotine based products are consumed by millions of people all over the world. While some people have absolutely no problem with nicotine, a selected few want to help their bodies get rid of nicotine in one way or the other. If you too belong to this group, read on! The article relegates important information how to naturally battle Nicotine addiction with green tea. 

It’s nicotine which is responsible for the addictive characteristic of tobacco products. This ingredient stimulates the release of dopamine in the body. Medical research reports confirm that there are certain substances which promote release of nicotine in the body. Sustained accumulation of nicotine in the body can produce adverse effects. Detoxifying the body is possible if you make some dietary and lifestyle changes; consuming green tea, a powerful detox agent, is one of them. There’s no clear medical evidence, but various studies conducted around the world help strengthen the idea that green tea can indeed help you get rid of nicotine. 

How Does Green Tea Help?
There is a substantial section of people that supports the theory - green tea is the most effective way out to detoxify the body from toxins and reduce the nicotine levels. Proponents of green tea argue that due to its high anti-oxidant concentration, it’s very advantageous in tackling nicotine menace. Historically, green tea is known to eradicate nasty free radicals from the body. These free radicals, if left unchecked, can accumulate to harmful intensity and cause irreparable damage to DNA levels in the body. Generally, cigarette smokers have higher concentration of free radicals in their body and hence, they are more prone to related medical conditions. Few cups of green tea every day can go a long way in flushing out these free radicals, including nicotine. 
 Recommended Daily Dosage
Although, green tea is known to be rich on detoxification properties, there is nothing like an official dosage of the same that is recommend by a physician. Various universities across the world have conducted research to find out the exact dosage that one should take daily so as to maintain a radical free body.
A medical research conducted by University of Maryland Medical Center suggests that two to three cups of green tea daily are enough in introducing adequate amount of poly-phenols in the body, which may help in eradication of free radicals. There are various other ways as well including green tea extract capsules which may prove equally beneficial, but green tea is considered the most effective in comparison to others.
Ingredients and Their Role
The most active compounds in green tea are poly-phenols, which are also known as catechins. In total, there are six kinds of primary catechins and each one has its own beneficial effects on the body. Usually, Vitamin C is known to be most useful in fighting harmful components (free radicals or toxins) in the body, but poly-phenols score over them in terms of antioxidant properties. Some of the other active constituents include theophylline, caffeine, and theobromine.
Other Benefits
Apropos, medical discoveries made by the Chinese researchers also suggest that if you are struggling with nicotine cravings, green tea is something you should look for. Scientists used cigarettes with green tea rich filters to investigate if organic ingredients in green tea actually help in treating nicotine fueled addiction. The results demonstrated that the primary constituents of green tea are actually very helpful in putting off the cravings for nicotine in cigarette smokers. It also helps in recuperating the oxidant/antioxidant balance among the existing and former cigarette smokers.
Points to Consider
Green tea consists of a primary ingredient namely caffeine. There are people who are sensitive to caffeine and therefore, should only consider consuming De-caffeinated products. It is always recommended to consult your physician before beginning with the intake of green tea in order to prevent its unwarranted side. Also, if you are suffering from stomach related disorders including ulcers, you should not consume green tea or suspend the use at the earliest. Additionally, if you are already taking medications such as antibiotics and beta-blockers, then it’s always advised to consult your doctor before taking a step forward.

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