Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Natural remedies for weight loss

In the past few years, the number of obese people the world over has increased by a considerable amount. It’s very rare to come across a person not looking to shed some extra pounds.
We all dream of appearing lean and fit and devoid of obesity and other ailments that result from being overweight. Though, there are quick snap means of losing weight such as weight loss supplements that guarantee sure shot results, their safety has always been under the scanner of the medical science. This is how the need for natural remedies for weight loss emerged and gained prominence in the recent times. Not only they are these natural remedies safer, but they also go down well with one’s wallet.
Here are some of natural remedies for weight loss that have effectively helped a number of obese people in shedding all the extra pounds from their body.
Herbal cures for weight loss
There are various herbs that provide sure-shot solution in reducing excessive fats. One of the most common fat-burning herbal ingredients prescribed for weight loss is curcumin. It is a natural substance found in turmeric and is known to regulate the level of blood sugar in the body. The other most commonly used herbal solution is green tea, whose anti-oxidants not only battle a number of health diseases but also keeps the extra weight at bay. 

Vitamins and Minerals
There are certain vitamins and minerals that assist in reducing body fats. As per some independent researches, good amounts of vitamin D help in losing weight provided it is accompanied by reduced calorie intake. According to the researchers, vitamin D helps in increasing the metabolic rate of the body that aids in quick weight reduction. The best sources of vitamin D are eggs, fish, and natural sunlight. Also, calcium and vitamin B can result in similar effects such as those of vitamin D.
There are certain medical experts who believe that consumption of niacin-bound chromium in fixed daily doses can also result in loss of body fat.
Though, one should always consult a physician before moving forward with any kind of alternatives as response to these alternatives varies from person to person.

Increase Intake of Fiber in Diet
Beans, nuts, seeds and other items rich in fiber help a person is cutting down on excessive fats. Intake of enough fiber in your diet won’t only help in curbing your appetite, but also aid in quick digestion. Combine this with a few minutes of exercising everyday and see the impact.
Adequate Sleep
One should not ignore the importance of right amount of sleep in one’s daily schedule. A good sleep ensures you excrete adequate amount of hormones and that the hormonal balance remains perfectly intact in your body. It helps considerably in maintaining the body’s metabolism.
Physical Work Out
Regular physical work out is simple, safe, healthy and a straight forward way of affecting weight loss in a short span of time. Anyone who is determined to control his regular diet can benefit extensively from it. Additionally, it keeps a person healthy and distant from ailments in the long run too.

Miscellaneous Natural Weight Loss remedies 
As recommended by dieticians worldwide those who rely too heavily on burgers, sodas and pizzas should cut down on their intake of junk food. These foods are rich in carbohydrate content and add up calories in the body at a brisk pace. One can increase the intake of water and fruits instead, as these help in burning down more fats.
Although, fat rich foods are tastier, they can act as slow poison for you. Increased intake of fats and zero level of exercise can be a deadly combination, therefore, give up on fats for a healthy life.
People with big tummies often find it hard to keep retrain from overrating, because their appetite never seems to satiate. They end up munching what is a big no-no for them. Although, it’s tough to hold back upon you natural cravings for food but the sooner an obese person learns to do it, the better it is for him.
There are numerous ways that qualify as natural ways for killing excessive body fat, but prior consultation with a physician is must before introducing them into your daily regime. One always need to maintain a proper balance between what he eats and how much exercise that is accompanied with. Simply cutting on calories may lead to loss of nutrition, and exercising alone with cutting down fats will not be as effective.   

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