Saturday, 20 June 2015

Why Dr. Scabies Instead of Home Remedies?

When treating a highly contagious skin condition like scabies, you can’t take things for granted by relying solely on a couple of home remedies. You must opt for a safe and recommended treatment such as Dr. Scabies. Read on to know why!
When suffering from a common health issue, there is nothing wrong in going for
home remedies. In fact, this is the right way of determining the intensity of the disease you are having, especially when it’s not possible to take proper medical treatment at once. And then the biggest advantage to a home remedy is that it will never have any side effects even if fails to resist or eliminate the problem.
However, home remedies can’t be effective against all kinds of health issues, particularly the scabies infection.
While some natural remedies such as neem oil and herbal mixtures may give temporary results in some cases, they can’t be used as a permanent treatment when the infection has grown severer.
This is exactly when you need adoctor-recommended treatment; something that is tested and approved for safe use. Of all the medical treatments for scabies that are available in the market right now, Dr. Scabies is the most used, trusted, and loved one!
There are plenty of reasons why Dr. Scabies is a better choice than home remedies. Some of them are -
Home Remedies are Temporary: Most home remedies for treating scabies are temporary in nature. The worse, you may end up preparing a harmful mix if you are not familiar with all the proportions of ingredients required.
Also, it is often confusing what amount of the mixture to apply and how frequently. A wrongly managed routine will only take the situation to a worse level.
Dr. Scabies is a Tested Treatment: Dr. Scabies is always the first recommendation of dermatologists from around the world when treating a patient with the scabies infection. This treatment is clinically tested and HPUS-approved as safe.

Dr. Scabies is a Natural Remedy in Itself: Dr. Scabies is made of all natural ingredients. Sulfur as a core component directly takes on the scabies mite and cures the disease in no time. Plus there is no room for any side effects! 

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