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Is Dr. Numb Cream Safe to Use on Facial Hair Removal?

There is no end to women’s beautification practices. One such important practice that adds spark to a woman’s beauty is the facial hair removal. The excess hair can make a woman feel negatively self-conscious and less confident about herself. Women who desire a brighter face along with smoothness get their facial hair removed through various processes.

Various Hair Removal Process

There are various ways to remove facial hair removal easily. Some remove the hair temporarily while others help them grow for the entire lifetime.
Have a look:

1. Plucking

With the help of tweezers, the hairs are removed directly from the follicles. As such, it takes time for them to re-grow. Plucking is suitable for stray hairs that grow on the chin, between and under the brows. However, this isn’t an appropriate method to remove hair on the upper lip. Also, one should take care not to pluck out hair from a mole without consulting a doctor.

2. Threading

It's the most common method of removing facial hair although the effects are temporary and the procedure has to be repeated periodically. It is useful for areas like the upper lip and the eyebrows. Frequent threading can cause skin irritations. Threading is a painful procedure as it pulls the hair from the skin surface.

3. Waxing

Another method to remove those unwanted facial hair is the cold wax. Waxing strips are available to facilitate in the process. However, it is safer for smaller areas like the chin, area above the lips or sideburns and should not be used for large areas of the face. To remove facial hair for excessive area, many prefer a combination of methods, like threading chin and upper lips and waxing sideburns.

4. Epilation

An epilator is a small instrument for hair removal that usually differs from those made for the ones to remove body hair. Their effect lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks as the epilators pull out the hair by the roots. It is said that even the smallest hair can be removed with an epilator.

5. Electrolysis

This is said to be a permanent method of hair removal, yet hairs are likely to re-grow sometimes. Earlier, the diathermy method was used, which involved the use of fine needles to pass the electric current. But, now a new procedure is being used, in which no needles used. This is known as known as transdermal electrolysis.

6. Laser

The most common method today for facial hair removal is the Laser treatment. The reason for its widespread popularity is that it’s prevents the hair re-growth permanently. In this treatment, an intense laser beam is used, which is absorbed by the hair follicles. This laser beam inactivates the hair follicle's ability to produce hair. The advantage of laser over electrolysis is that the laser light can scan broader areas. However, it is more expensive than electrolysis. Laser causes a few temporary side effects, such as redness, swelling and itching. Sometimes the skin may get burnt due to improper use of the technique. So, before choosing the clinic, it is essential to find out its reputation and work history.

Painful Procedures:

All of the above mentioned uses some or the other ways to remove hair from the follicle or root. As such, all these methods are painful. However, the intensity of pain depends on several factors like how the service has been given, receptor’s pain threshold, and the technique.
The facial hair is most delicate and so is the facial skin. As such, it becomes difficult for women to bear immense pain. However, the good news is that you need not to feel pain anymore while undergoing any beauty treatment. Dr. Numb is here!!

Dr. Numb for Painless Facial Hair Removal

Since the pain threshold during various facial hair removal techniques is marginally high, most dermatologists prefer using a numbing cream during the procedure. And.. Nothing is better than Dr. Numb.

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