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In the last few years, Botox, Dysport which are neurotoxins and voluma, Sculptra which are dermal fillers have become really popular among people. The reason behind it is simple. These techniques can almost reverse the aging signs and can make anybody look younger who chooses to opt for it. Another thing for their preference is that these techniques are totally safe. 
A recent study published on JAMA Dermatology, says that there are only 1 percent cases which have been found for negative side effects of injectables. In the following blog post we have discussed about the safety of the botox and the dermal fillers.


The injectable treatments don’t employ use of any anesthesia, cutting of the skin and even take very less time to settle into the skin. Therefore, they are much safe as compared to other treatments such as facelift or brow lift surgery.
A recent study analyzed over 20,300 cases which were treated by over 23 board certified dermatologists in a time span of 2 months.
And the results came out to be incredible. Out of 416 there was only single patient that complained of negative side effects from the injectable treatment.
As per the study, there were only 1 in 3,333 cases of Botox which failed to show up the desired results.
So, botox and dermal fillers are safe methods to get your skin rid of wrinkles, fine lines and even dark lines under the skin.

How to ensure your botox and dermal fillers are totally safe for you?

Safety Checklist

The popularity of injectables has seen an upsurge in the last few years and more and more people are now adopting for it. But when something gets too popular then it invites a lot of malpractices and misuse of the techniques also.
Therefore, it’s advisable for everyone to follow some safety rules in order to avoid any negative side-effects. 

·         Check if your doctor is board-certified

Don’t be hesitant in asking about the qualifications of your doctor .Make sure you get yourself treated from a board-certified doctor, dentist, pharmacist or nurse. You can even read testimonials and check for references of the doctor.

          Don’t go by the Titles 

We often get attracted to titles like "Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner/Therapist" but they can even be bogus as well. Therefore, check for the qualifications to make sure the title they are using for their clinic actually applies to them or not.

·         Check if your doctor is trained

Every doctor needs an expert training before they can give the injectable cosmetic treatments. The training includes variety of things like dealing with adverse conditions such as severe allergic reactions.

·         Hygiene is an important issue 

A good doctor will always have a hygienic and safe environment for Botox and dermal fillers. This helps to prevent infection or any damage to skin which can be permanent.
Such treatments cannot be carried out in a home or a salon. They need proper setting clinical environment and facilities.

What if you experience some uneasiness post the procedure?

The first and the last thing would be to seek medical help. Although there are very little chances of side-effects after the treatment provided you have got it done from a well-experienced and trained practitioner but still if you feel some problem you should check with the doctor.
Sometimes people experience symptoms, such as a rash, fever, swelling or elevating pain but that is very rarely seen. In case of such a situation you should visit your GP for further treatment. You can also check with the doctor who treated you for better advice and speedy recovery.

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