Friday, 30 August 2013

Fitness Mistakes You Should Avoid

A human is a perfect biological machine and the body is like an exoskeleton. Anatomy explains each and every part of it scientifically. That’s why you need to know about the effects of whatever you intake or activities you carry out to keep it fit. In case of fitness, the specified exercises, diets, routines, medical history and other factors demand close attention. Only lifting weights or just simply sweating with machines like a crazy bull won’t fetch the results which you might have expected. There are some common errors which discourage many fitness nuts to continue with their fitness schedule. Everyone knows we need to eat before our body allows us to lift weights, but there is more this that matters. Here are some of the fitness mistakes you should avoid.   

Bad diet, ignoring right nutrients
No matter what you eat, if your body isn’t getting what it needs to fuel the muscles, it brings down your chances of getting really satisfactory results. Carbohydrates and proteins are most required when you are going through intense workouts. For instance, if you don’t pay attention to post workout foods, then it’ll rather backfire you. For proper re-growth and repair of muscle-tissues, make sure you never miss the exact nutrients your body demands. You need to include lean meats, fruits and vegetables and avoid fast foods. People make a mistake by choosing soda and juices over water. That’s no good. Nothing can deliver what a plenty of water can.
Imbalances or single exercise routine
Another big mistake that you should avoid is to ignore versatility and routine shuffling of different exercises for different muscles of the body. It’s very common that people stick to a couple of routine workouts such as running and weight lifting. It’ll work on a few targeted muscles, but what about the rest of the body where "you’ll gain fats". Asymmetrical shape isn’t desirable, is it? It’s a mistake to underestimate one exercise over other.  Therefore, create more than one workout routine for all the different muscle groups of your body.  For instance, focusing only on cardiovascular exercise will burn calories, but for a proportional body shape, you must do core-conditioning exercises. It’ll help you strengthen muscles in pelvis, hips, back and abdomen along with improving your posture and flexibility of body.
Don’t overdo it too soon
The very first day you enter the gym isn’t the judgment day. People expect too much in a very short period of time and set impractical targets. In this quest, they put extra pressure on muscles and body metabolism for which they aren’t quite ready. Your body needs some conditioning and warm-ups first. Starting with heavy weights or running impractical number on treadmill on the very first day would be a great mistake. Give your body muscles time to gain strength and your metabolism adapt to the new, raised fuel demand.
Pre workout and post workout meals
Healthy pre workout meals are must-have before you enter the gym, it's important that your body isn’t deficient of nutrients, and same way, make sure you don’t ignore an energizing post workout meal. Post workout meal is often ignored, which results in unproductive workouts. Body needs proteins and carbohydrates after intense workout to reinforce the muscle-tissues. Banana shakes, natural energy drinks, juices, eggs, tuna, fruits, dry fruits and nuts are some of the best examples of post workout diet.
Starting with Supplements
Supplements are considered the shortcut if you are upto bodybuilding. However, it’s not advisable to use supplements till you reach the peak of your natural muscle growth through routine workouts. You won’t get any additional benefit if you began to take supplements on your very first day. Giver you body time to grow to its full potential naturally. 

Sticking to machines only
Machines are definitely programmed aids to become fit and build body mass. However, if you only stick to machines and ignore free weight exercises, it might imbalance your progress. You need to introduce free weight exercises to recruit more muscle fibers and stabilize muscles that enable your body to perform the movements in more effective way, producing overall muscular strength. For instance, there are a lot of options with a simple set of dumbbells. Running and Yoga would also make good options.
Dieting without exercise
It’s obvious that your diet decides the intake of fats. Dieting is a part of "losing weight". However, without exercise, it’s very hard to keep that weight loss permanent. You need to burn calories. Weight loss is about muscle tissue and the key to keep weight off once you have reached your goal is exercise. So, don’t make a mistake of relying only on dieting. Shed some sweat in the gym too.
Ignoring gym instructions and doctor
Any imperfection or malfunctioning of any part or muscle in your body will set limits to what workout is healthy for you. Also, the lack of knowledge while attacking the gym machines with temporary enthusiasm to get into perfect shape does a great harm to new comers. Beginning with the right workout and gradually passing on to the higher levels is one of the basic instructions of any fitness program. 
Secondly, do consult your doctor and get yourself properly checked before you opt for any fitness routine. Mind your symptoms like dizziness, improper breathing, and pains in muscles. It could be deadly in some cases, especially when the newcomer is an aged person. Do not ignore your chronic pains and injuries.
Pay attention to what a gym instructor has to say in order to avoid mishaps and injuries with machines. For instance, most common cause of injuries in gyms is dropping dumbbells or weights improperly. In addition, it’s a mistake to work with a machine about which you don’t have sufficient knowledge.

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