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Can Dr.Numb® Cream Mess the Tattoo Ink

If you are the one who can go to any extent for beautifying your body, then the idea of getting your body tattooed can’t stay out of your mind for long. But something that can hold you back for a while is the immense pain experienced during the tattoo making process. But everything has a solution if you really look for it with an open mind.
Can Dr.Numb Cream Mess the Tattoo Ink

The key to pain free tattooing is by application of a good numbing cream. Numbing cream helps to make the skin insensitive at the portion where the tattoo is to be made and thus gives you a painless and memorable experience of tattoo making.  
Since the tattooing process is enormously excruciating particularly for the people with sensitive skin. So, numbing cream plays a great role in numbing the skin and let them get their body tattooed as per their choice.
Numbing creams don’t clutter with tattoo ink
Dermatologists also recommend use of numbing creams because of their safety, reliability and a pain free option for tattoo making. Many tattoo artists also use numbing creams to make to make their clients comfortable and also to attract more customers to their business.  
Many people have a notion that tattoo makers that employ numbing creams for tattoo making do not make superior quality tattoo .But in fact; a good numbing cream never interferes with the tattoos ink and thereby not affecting the quality of it.  A numbing cream always works on creating a pain free tattoo and has nothing to do with the tattoo ink or tattoo quality. 

Choose the right numbing cream
Making the right choice or numbing cream is another big thing you need to do after preparing your mind for getting that favorite tattoo on your body. A good numbing cream will be free of any such harmful chemicals that can affect the ink of your tattoo. A dermatologically tested numbing cream will never have any side-effects.
Dr Numb is a safe numbing product which is widely used by doctors and tattoo artists for many dermatological procedures
 Reasons to choose Dr Numb
  • The main ingredient of Dr Numb’s cream is lidocaine which is totally harmless for the skin.
  • Dr Numb’s cream contains Lidocaine in only 5% amount which is declared to be safe for skin by FDA.
  • Dr Numb’s cream numbing action is quick and even long lasting. It barely takes few minutes for the numbing action to start and the affect lasts for about 2-3 hours after application.
  • It’s successful to avoid the pain that occurs due to needles.
  • The most significant thing about Dr Numb cream is that it has no side-effects.
Why Dr numb is popular among tattoo artists?
Lidocaine is an anesthetic which sensitizes the skin by not enabling the nerves to transmit the message to the brain. The presence of Lidocaine makes it impossible for the nerves to do so and thereby numb the area quickly. The cream is applied around 10-15 minutes prior to the tattoo session. This blocks the nerve endings and creates a pain free experience for the person. 
It doesn’t affect the tattoo
Dr Numb’s cream doesn’t have any effect on the tattoo ink and doesn’t even affect its quality. It only enhances the numbing impact and makes the pain bearable for the person.
Dr numb cream suits to all skin types
Another good thing about DrNumb’s cream is that it is not affected by the type of skin. It suits to all skin types- oily, dry, and sensitive or a mixed skin combination. Dr Numb works on all skin types irrespective of the skin texture.
A trusted brand
Dr Numb’s cream is a well-known brand for numbing cream and therefore many people do not resist to its use. They are sure of its healthy effects and therefore, tattoo artists also use it.

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